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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Soooo, my day was soo dull, my heart skipped 3 beats when it flashed back to the male, female and peadiatrics surgical wards.
Woke up pretty hungry, and angry "dunno why i was soo hungry" sunny day, grouchy, "girls are not smilling"
had a few random thots, some were definately good and some were naughty (make ur mind no drift o).

This lovely evening, I packed up 2 fresh thongs and a redhot shawl, "going to spend the evening @ a friends place" oh yea, hygeine first.
"Nothing as clean as fresh underwear, regardless of what Dr whatever advices on the radio."
I walked down the stairs SMA (shaking my ass) and just as I approached the hospital gate, I saw a woman sreaming in a yello taxi and I tried to find out why,( major tatafo) hmmmmmn, I wish I didnt.

I was in my 6th year, attached to millitary hospital Ikoyi for my senior postings for 6months. I was in the obstetrics and gyneacology department so I definately recognised the woman who was wailing in pains when she said "Doctor, pls my baby, ye o ah!” I tried to avoid eye contact but it was too late so I asker her "madam, when did your water break? And where are you coming from?" angry thots running through my head like "why didn’t I just walk off? Why did I need to care?"
The expectant mother answered in tears and my heart skipped another beat “doctor, about an hour ago. Please help me I am coming from aja and there was traffic."

Trying my best, with her husband speaking in tongues we managed to get into the hospital elevator and the destination was the 4th floor.
Talking to the woman in labour, I appealed to her saying “madam please do not push till we get to the 4th floor." she noded in agreement but did otherwise due to the unbearable pain.

Furthermore, the elevator got stuck as NEPA struck "#lightupnigeria" and i had to take the delivery before the hospital generator came on. Without much effort, a cute baby boy bounced out to the warm shawl i could grab from the new mother's hospital bag.
However, a complication did occur as soon as the elevator opened wide, i couldnt deliver the placenta cos her bladder was full. (I know this sounds gibberish to you) so with assistance from the cool hot nurses we lifted her from the elevator to the front of the wards and delivered the placenta after 45mins. (Trust me, the details are not so interesting)

mother and baby were in good health and were extremely grateful. Husband was still speaking in tongues BTW (by the way).

My night was ruined cos i smelled of liquor, (amniotic fluid) and i felt irritable. I thought to myself "why do I always find myself in funny situations all the time?"

Finally, I went back up my stony stairs, took a warm bath and went straight to bed with a feeling of satisfaction" I had 2 lives in my hands and God's grace saw me through".
"Did I mention this was my first non assisted delivery ever?"

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I’ve heard that some people dont see me as a doctor, cos they are
probably wondering how i could go through med sch and still "party
Truth is I was in Med school for 8years altogether cos at some point I
lost my calender #dontjudgemeo#
I am Dr Ojia Adamolekun, just so you know.
My Parents call me the "Bluerose" and only call me Ojia when I’m in
alot of trouble (which is like 7/10 times) hehehe.
"I dont know why am writing this blog or why I even started it” but I’ve been to the best shows, funkiest parties, and even dated amusician. (All in this same 8 years o)
I’ve been to a video shoot, "oh yea you know that already right?" even
though some of the video did not see the light of the day but i saw
"light", "camera" and enjoyed loads of action.
I have rocked lovely dresses and graced loads of red carpets, but above
all these, something gives me joy, something makes this "party-loving
doctor" tick, something gives me inner peace.........
It is definately my love for humanity. I remember the day i had my
dissertation and the last professor asked me "why do you want to
become a medical doctor?" I was suprised this question was part of my
assessment and I said to him with a cute smile on my face "sir, i have
a strong and unbreakable passion for humanity" he smiled back at me
and said "well, medicine is a noble profession and i hope to see you
soon" i couldnt believe it. In my head at that moment i remembered a
friend of mine and the word "Noble" clicked, remember him? "Noble is
my dude?”
I have made great friends along the way and definately lost some.
Some friends have touched my life in interesting ways and oh, I’m not
all bravo woman cos i have also made mistakes. (Errrm not
that bad sha!)
Had some embarassing moments just like every other person and some were
just ridiculus like this night i had a friend over at mine "Did i
mention my friend's sex? Oh well, you decide" I was so Hungry and i
just had ijebu garri, 2 satchets of peak milk, sugar and cold water
(student life no easy o) I offered to make the garri cos i had plans
*evil smile* but they backfired. I made creamy cold garri toh behd and
gave it to my friend first so we could eat up together. He tasted it
and gave me a blank stare like someone who was suffering from a
cerebrovascular accident and then he insisted i taste it immediately.
Feeling good with myself i thought deep in my head "this garri must be
extremely sweet" to break the camel's back "pata pata", i tasted it
and spat it out all over his face.
Apparently, i put 3 spoonfulls of salt instead of sugar. I was soo
embarassed; i never picked his call again.
Now. am all tucked and ready to sleep but still thinking of those out
there who still dont have a roof and pray earnestly so it doesnt rain
To my ladies toh behd. "Pls always remember to clean up and take a
bath at least twice a day, and yesso, i know it’s not easy but if you
must, practice safe sex" and to my hot boys, "E no de show for face
oh, pls use a condom"
Always remember, Health is Wealth......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Alot of things happen on a daily bases,
the things we can control,
and the things we cannot.

My imagination grows wide as to what could have been and what really happened.

The yesteryears cannot be changed,

but we must work hard for d morrows.

Innocent blood spilled over and over,

when will this malicious act stop?

We are the future,

so we were told by the people before us,

but we act like the past.

When will these bleedings end?

When will we stand up firm for what is right, even if we stand alone?

What we do to one another has a ripple effect on our lives and the ones after us.

What we stand by today,

becomes yesterday by tomorrow.

Why are there robbers?

Why are there assassins?

Why are there drunk drivers?

Somewhere along these yesterdays,

someone forgot to be their brother's keeper,

Some parents forgot the value of home training,

The government got greedy,

We say we believe in God n yet we do not act the path.

We have sold our conscience to the frivolities of life.

We want to drive the posh cars while the poor remain poorer.

What future do we plan for ourselves if we do not take care of today?

We point our hands to the government,

but we forget that they were also once the youths of yesterday.

It all starts now.

I will stand up for what is right even if i stand alone,

Iwill fear God for in doing that i will become wise,

Iwill be my brother's keeper,

Iwill help the poor in the best ways i can,

and i will show love to the sick.

The future starts now.

What can you do?