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Thursday, January 23, 2014

ASUP its been 3 months!!!!!

Like the proverbial fights of two elephants, the grass they say always suffer. Lecturers in Federal Polytechnics across the country have been on strike for over three months now and the tales can only be told by the students. At the end of the day the lecturers will smile to the bank to cash their salary arrears while the students three months an equivalent of a semester has been wasted. But how come people are not talking about the ASUP Strike like the just concluded ASUU Strike?

Panties at bedtime, to wear or not?????

Do you wear pants to bed? Many women would likely answer in the affirmative. However, experts say when a woman does so on a daily basis when it’s not necessarily because she is having her period, there may be side effects to it!

Physicians say that the female genital needs to breathe in order to maintain its PH levels and prevent fungi and odour. And that’s why doctors advise going bare below when it’s bed time at the close of day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

How it Happened "My Version of Events"


It had been a long week, all packed up for Lagos as I had missed the Christmas and new-year holiday I was very restless, needed to be home. Bussy had just boarded.

The phone rings and luckily, it’s just beside me, ‘Who is Dr Chioma again oh, I must know because her number was stored on my phone’. It was disturbing news, “Your brother was attacked by an armed robber in traffic just right after work, and he has been rushed to Lasuth for treatment. Please I would like any of your parent’s numbers?” “Wait please; calm down what happened and where was he shot? You need to talk to me because I am the only one you can talk to”

Confused, but tried my best to comport myself for clarity “Where is he now? Can he talk? Are you with him in Lasuth?” “Dr Ojia, please I really don’t know the true picture, but I know he has been rushed to Lasuth, I will call you as soon as the hospital MD and I get there we are on our way”.  “I am on my way to the airport, Dr Chioma and I would also call my colleagues in Lasuth to find out what’s going on. Thank you” said I.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy new Year Wonderful people!!!

Hello Dear readers,

This is wishing you a blessed 2014 filled with laughter, love, and series of uncommon favors in Jesus name.

I have been extremely blessed and and i am thankful for yet another opportunity to write to you. Thank you for stopping by, i appreciate you.

Warm Regards
Ojia Adamolekun