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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Mystery of a woman

Short Note.....

There have been controversy as to the different types of orgasms a woman can have, with a suggestion that orgasms achieved through vaginal penetration only are more matured than clitoral orgasms.

Surveys have revealed, however, that most women are unable to have an orgasms without some clitoral stimulation before or during intercourse. It now appears that the female orgasms originates from the clitoris whether it is directly stimulated (by stroking or kissing) or by indirect stimulation (by penile thrusting).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Many sexual problems arise because of a couples different rates and patterns of response, or ability to respond at all. If a man is unable to become aroused and erect, his partner feels sexually frustrated, unattractive and rejected. If a woman is sexually disinterested, she may avoid sex, or complain that it is painful because she is not sufficiently aroused. Her partner may be at a loss to excite her and feel like a failure.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My school mother, Dr Omas who was doing her housemanship at the time had re-called a story to me, then in my fourth year, she had made clinical year absorbable and easy for me as she handed down her methods to me and believe me, they worked.

This particular story was one hell of a fascinator to me and i am almost convinced it will teach you something or more.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello People,

We all have questions at most intervals of our lives, things we find amusing, frightening, funny, confusing and so on.

In no particular order,
Feel free to answer any questions too.

1. Do you know what you want?

2. Why is it easier to make generous donations to get more recognition than help those who actually need REAL help?

3. Is it cheaper to buy buckets of champagne and Hennessy etc for people who would excrete it in 24hours than pay the school fees of your gateman's only child who sells corn or other things in traffic?

4. Why do we lie?

5. Why is it easier to buy expensive gifts for people who might not notice or appreciate it,  than pay your staff their hard earned salaries in good time or at all?

6. What makes you happy? do you know?

7. When you look in the mirror, who do you see? a monster or a saint or a mixture of both?

8. Why are the roads to our villages horrible yet the states get millions - billions?

9. Have you tried to reach out to people who need help around you?

10. Do you need help? Are you true to yourself?

11. When you show off, who do you think is more exposed to detriments?

12. Is it cheaper to buy 3 buckets of iced up champaign, Hennessy and Vodka things than fixing the road to your own house?

13. Is it also cheaper to run a generator for 7days straight than getting your area properly lined with Nepa or what do we call them these days? Did you know, not all Nigerians have experienced electricity?

14. Why is it easier to complain from your house like every other person when you can take 1 step at a time to make your own environment better?

15. When you sleep, what happens? do you know?

16. How grateful have you been for the privilege of seeing yet another day?

17. Do you enjoy complaining?

18. What can you do? What would you do? Go with the repetitive complains or fix your home for starters?

19. When you say you are a citizen and you see a helpless citizen, can you help a little? What makes you different from the people you castigate?

20. Do you waste food?

21. Will you exercise your civil rights to vote?

22. Do you classify yourself a honest Nigerian?

23. Can you start loving yourself enough?

24. Would you stand up for what you believe is right even if you feel like you are standing alone?

25. Attempt all questions? 100 Marks  lol