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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Having a blast one of those nights at a popular night club called "reloaded" with friends and my bladder became unbearably full, i ran to the bathroom and there was this mad queue. I waited patiently as the lady before me rushed in, i was zoo scared of the state of the bathroom but somethings gotta give so i just did the sign of the cross and waited.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My heart feels cold, numb with emotions when i see patients who suffer from the SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA CRISIS. The pain they go through is unexplainable and unimaginable, their cries hit every nerve in my body and i wonder why these things happen.

I was in the Pediatrics wards the other day and i saw a 7 year old boy who was so irritable and in so much pain, he wouldn't even let us touch him. His mother was rolling in silent tears as she didn't want to let him know she was broken by his pain and tears.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I often wonder if it was the same God that watched over adults that watched over kids and to my surprise it’s the same big God. Children seem to get away with a lot of accidents especially when they put all sorts of things in their mouth.

In primary school, kids would put lead (from pencils) on biscuit and eat it and nothing would happen, some kids would play with sand and even eat some sand and nothing would happen. Have you ever tried to do same as an adult? Yea, I thought so.....

Monday, May 17, 2010


The cervix is part of a woman's reproductive system. It's in the pelvis. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus (womb). The cervix connects the uterus to the vagina. During a menstrual period, blood flows from the uterus through the cervix into the vagina. The vagina leads to the outside of the body.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Welcome to A&E 101.
The accident and emergency  ward is the most important ward in the hospital. "first bus-stop when a patient arrives"

A 27 year old man was rushed into the A&E, he was involved in a RTA (road traffic accident), patient presented with bleeding to the left ear and a swollen left thigh and was semi-conscious.

Discuss the management of this patient.

This is an emergency and the patient should be attended to immediately.
1.The basic ABC's (Airways, breathing and circulation)
2. A Glasgow coma scale should be performed immediately.
3. Check the blood pressure and control bleeding.
4. Set up an intravenous line infusing normal saline to avoid shock.
5. Set up another vein and take blood for baseline investigations ( full blood count, blood grouping and cross matching, packed cell volume, electrolyte/urea/creatinine, RVS (retro-viral screening) and urinalysis)
6. Insert a urinary catheter if the patient is unconscious
7. Specific investigations should be carried out. ( an X-ray of the head and neck(CT scan preferably), AP and Lateral x-ray of the left femur, x-ray of the hip joint)
8. Send an emergency consult to the surgical team.
9. Examine the 2 ears, examining from the right to the left.
10. Send an emergency consult to the ENT team (Ear, Nose and throat specialists)
11.When the patient is stabilized, take a good history from relatives or from him, Past medical history, drug history and allergies.

Thats all for now folks............
To be continued...
errrr, any questions????
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Friday, April 23, 2010


For death is but a passing phase of Life;
A change of dress, a disrobing;
A birth into the unborn again;
A commencing where we ended;
A starting where we stopped to rest;
A crossroad of Eternity;
A giving up of something, to possess all things.
The end of the unreal, the beginning of the real.
EDWIN LEIBFREED, "The Song of the Soul"

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit,
 every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows".

There is a time to be born and a time to die, just as Ecclesiastes said in his 3rd chapter in the holy bible and the characteristics of human beings "MR NIGER D " as we were taught in school, every living thing must die.

Those who think about death, carrying with them their existing ideas and emotions, usually assume that they will have, during their last hours, ideas and emotions of like vividness ... but they do not fully recognize the implication that the feeling faculty, too, is almost gone. The imagine the state to be one in which they can have emotions such as they now have on contemplating the cessation of life. But at the last all the mental powers simultaneously ebb, as do the bodily powers, and with them goes the capacity for emotion in general. It is, indeed, possible that in its last stages consciousness is occupied by a not displeasurable sense of rest.

It seems a strange and repugnant conclusion that with the cessation of consciousness at death, there ceases to be any knowledge of having existed. With his last breath it becomes to each the same thing as though he had never lived. And then the consciousness itself -- what is it during the time that it continues? And what becomes of it when it ends? We can only infer that it is a specialized and individualized form of that Infinite and Eternal Energy which transcends both our knowledge and our imagination; and that at death its elements lapse into the Infinite and Eternal Energy whence they were derived.

Death, is the reality we all run away from, it is inevitable and does not need to give a notice. What we do with our lives however is important. "live, love and learn" like my friend says "Ayanyinka Ayanlowo AKA Ayanyanks" Enjoy each moment and cherish them like treasures because you only have one life to live. Smile all you want, laugh all you can, do all the things that make you happy. The impact you have on the lives around you are but memories and they always linger. 

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.Have the courage to live, anyone can die. Though difficult, try not to sleep with pain, hate and disdain in your heart. Dont hesitate to show love to everyone around you, tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them because they need to know. it is painful if you loved someone dearly and you never got the chance to tell them when they were alive. I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday evening and he said "you better appreciate me now that i am alive o" i thought deeply and said to myself "this is the truth and reality"  

Finally, it is important to understand what grief is all about, and how to grief without hurting other people in the process. Grief is an important part of life just like death is. Grief is hard, it can be broken down into different stages and phases, the shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, reflection and loneliness, the up-ward turn, reconstruction and working through and finally, acceptance and hope. 

Have a blessed day......

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here i was, packing up and getting ready to round up my stay in Ile-ife, i stopped for some strange reason and decided on reading a few more topics in my obstetrics and gynecology notes. My belly starts to sing to my brain in a very unharmonious tune "hunger, e no get enemy o" i ignored this rantings and thought to read some more....

A knock came on my door and i was hesitant. In my head i thought, "who the hell is that right now? mscheeeew" oh it was my brother and he said "sis, u already packing up for lagos?" "yes o, as soon as we done with this exams am howdy".

Another knock came on the door and now i was confused, "who's at the door"i called out and then he says "Dr Moyo" and then i'm seriously wondering why he is visiting and who told him i lived here. He walks in with all the pride he must have and sits on my bed uninvited and there, my day was already going funny on me. i tried to be as nice as i could (cos i was obviously not in the entertaining mood) and asked if he wanted a drink.

I opened a bottle of red wine and handed him a glass. My brother and i shared a second glass simultaneously. We discussed topics and then Lagos parties (hmmmmn i didn't know he had it in him because i had perceived him to be some sort of geek and i wonder why. Maybe because he wore very funny looking recommended glasses).

The hunger song began again and this time we were talking about gastro-enteritis. My brother asked if i had eaten all day and i said no, my colleague immediately suggested "BUKA"( a place on the main campus i had heard about but never eaten from). I was glad they offered to bring me food but i was skeptical about the location, he persuaded me to try it out that it was wonderful and i finally succumbed and yes, they set out.

I was sincerely glad i was alone in my room again and continued some more reading while listening to music alongside, waiting for my food too. some hours later, they showed up, with 2 extra colleagues of ours and my steamy-hot food of fried-rice, jollof rice and fish. I could not eat it right away so we all laughed at funny jokes and revised some topics together and it was fun.

Finally, they all left and i loved the quiet once again. I took a nice shower and decided it was time to eat. Opening the food didn't give me much of an appetite but i knew i had to eat so i took some spoons and had a bottle of coke. I kept what was left of my meal and glanced through some more pages.

It was time to sleep, so i put up some tweets and decided to watch a movie on my laptop when it started, my stomach put up a worse tune "ojia, you have killed me o, O ti pa mi o "and i thought to myself, "this don't feel right"

I raced off to the toilet immediately, trying so hard to take a shit, but it just won't come. i had some water and some more water and tried so hard to concentrate on my movie. Finally i ran to the bathroom and threw out every single thing i had eaten, simultaneously using the toilet. Spending approximately #30 minutes in the bathroom, the episodes were over, gosh i felt drained and weak.

Thanking God i took a clean shower again and took 2 tablets of Immodium. what a night..........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Most people hate the small talks about contraceptives, well i hate to burst your bubbles but, "we cant hide from these things".

Sex is a very interesting topic, but more interesting when there are no complications to it and the regular "oh had i known" thoughts wont have to be an issue with contraceptives...
Prevention is always better than cure......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The thoughts of you brings tears down my cheeks!
I blush with pain.
Its so amazing how you held my hands when i felt so alone,
words cant express how i feel.
You were my sunshine,
my knight in shinny armour,

my 1 big hero,

You never brought me sorrow.
Helped my baby feet take those fragile steps.
I was never afraid to fall 'cos i knew u were right there beside me.
I never got to tell you this when you were around but now i wish i did!
ln your loving and warm memories............

N.B IMOLE means light and special thanks to Henry (the4eyedmonk) for his help in publishing this poem and teaching me how to blog.


"Affliction shall not rise a second time" says the lord.

It was about 6am on saturday the 16th of may 2004, my phone was ringing so loud i had to get up, it was my mum and i was wondering why she was calling me that early. i picked up my phone and said "good morning mum" she replied in a troubled tone and said "good morning baby, sorry i had to wake you up but this is really important and i want you to listen carefully" i sat up immediately and i said "mummy, is there a problem? is everything alright?" "i just had a terrible dream about your brothers that one of them had a bandage around his head and his right tigh."

Now, at this point i was worried because my mum is a prayer warrior and i had known with time that her dreams were to be taken very seriously. she continued saying "please tell them not to get into any fight with anyone pls, i am going to be at uncle dele's wedding but i'll fast and pray allday today for them. Please get this message accross to them as soon as you can. i love you baby" and i replied saying "i love you too mum and il call them right away."

I got up immediately after my mum's call and dailed my younger brother's phone and my elder brother picked it up and i narrated mum's call and told him to pass the message on to our younger brother. He was also worried because we always took dreams from my mum very seriously. He had just finished his 3rd year in medical school and the results were out.

The next day, which was a sunday morning, my brothers went to church (BLW in igbinedion university) and came back to their hostel at about 11am. Marvin Solomon, a friend of ours from lagos who also attended igbinedion university had just arrived from lagos with a car hire from 1004 estates where he lived and the taxi was to return to lagos immediately so my elder brother decided to take the free ride home with his excellent results in his 2nd MBBS.

They had driven out of the school gate towards the community bank in okada (1minute from the school gate) when a mechanic was test driving a car and ran into their car. The school hospital was just 2 minutes away and people around the area immediately rushed my brother to the hospital as the doctors said "he needs to be referred to UBTH immediately because he has a head injury and his right femur has been fractured, he is also comatosed so pls wait for the ambulance". At this point, my younger brother was already with him, he called me asap to give me a feed back on the true situation as i was not with them but in lagos to collect fresh orders of the "GLITZ" magazine i did weekend jobs with.

My mum called me "Ojia, please head back to school right away to see what exactly is going on please" and at this point, pandemonium was an understatement for what i truly felt. Andrenaline pumped through my system like oxygenated blood. The ambulance had still not arrived and we had to move my brother to the teaching hospital in Ugbowo Benin. I literarilly ran to Edegbe line to meet with the last bus but they had closed, so did eagle line and delta line because it was a sunday evening already. the ambulance never came BTW (by the way) and my younger brother Irawo had to get my elder brother Imole to the teaching hospital with help from Wale Ojo, a 4th year computer science student of the institution who had a car.

Events changed as he got to UBTH as he was placed on oxygen immediately, a colar round his neck and bandages roung his forehead n right femur just as my mum has said in her dream. Irawo spent the night in the ICU with Imole as we spoke on the phone every 20 minutes talking bout his vital signs and if he had woken up from the coma. My parents on the other hand were saying prayers and also calling us for more news on his comatosed state.

The next morning, i got up from my bed, (oh, i didnt get any sleep at all) after saying all the prayers i knew best with all my heart, heading straight to Eagle line in yaba with a collegue of mine called Vivian Gilbert (now Mrs Vivian Kenedy) and just as we were crossing the road Irawo called me and said "Ojia there's no use he is dead" i asked him gently in the calmest voice i could use to check again that it couldnt be. He repeated the same statement with him wailing for the first time in his life. I was in the middle of the road and i started wailing and screaming from my insided and cars just kept going left and right away from me like as if they had just seen a mad black woman in rage.

Vivian dragged me off the road to the car-park as we managed to chatter a 504 station wagon to okada. The jouney was the worst i had ever encountered. We sang worship songs to God as i also question him as to why he could let this be. We got to Okada and i went straight to see irawo and held him with all my heart as we cried in each others arms as he was now my only brother.
We went straight to Benin where my Dad's cousin (An Aglican priest) was awaiting our arrival, lolade Adamson and Bukola Afariogun were with us at this point.

Sleepless in seatle was my case as i had to type out the program for the internment which was to hold the very next day. Finishing the program about 4am that morning i tried to nap for that day would be a day we would have to be strong for.

Uncles and Aunties flew in from lagos that morning with letters from my Dad to be read at the internment, and Imole's final resting place was put together. However, after the burial, a student stood up and said she had something very important to say, we all listened as she said " i am so happy today and i want you all to be happy " at this point, i felt like giving her the beating of a life time but i was compelled to listen as she continued " Imole and i met for the first time yesterday in church and why i am so glad is because he rededicated his life to God yesterday and i was his councellor and we prayed just 30 minutes to his accident and i can proudly tell you that i know he is resting in God's bossom for that is the ultimate." I ran straight to her and gave her a hug and said "thank you."

"He was born on the 18th day of April 1983 and he died in God's bossom on the 17th of May 2004 and was burried on the 18th of may 2004" His name......... Imole Seth Ajileye Adamolekun.

Please i use this opportunity to appeal to the Nigerian Government to please equip all hospitals with constant light, {#Lightupnigeria} and Ambulances and Good doctors for if my brother was given some Rescusitation, he would have survived.
If the ambulance functioned, he would have survived.
If there were no reckless drivers he would have survived.
If there were airbags in the cab, he would have survived.
This could have been anyone's son, brother, and friend.

Stay blessed.......
N.B :This is a true life story

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Soooo, my day was soo dull, my heart skipped 3 beats when it flashed back to the male, female and peadiatrics surgical wards.
Woke up pretty hungry, and angry "dunno why i was soo hungry" sunny day, grouchy, "girls are not smilling"
had a few random thots, some were definately good and some were naughty (make ur mind no drift o).

This lovely evening, I packed up 2 fresh thongs and a redhot shawl, "going to spend the evening @ a friends place" oh yea, hygeine first.
"Nothing as clean as fresh underwear, regardless of what Dr whatever advices on the radio."
I walked down the stairs SMA (shaking my ass) and just as I approached the hospital gate, I saw a woman sreaming in a yello taxi and I tried to find out why,( major tatafo) hmmmmmn, I wish I didnt.

I was in my 6th year, attached to millitary hospital Ikoyi for my senior postings for 6months. I was in the obstetrics and gyneacology department so I definately recognised the woman who was wailing in pains when she said "Doctor, pls my baby, ye o ah!” I tried to avoid eye contact but it was too late so I asker her "madam, when did your water break? And where are you coming from?" angry thots running through my head like "why didn’t I just walk off? Why did I need to care?"
The expectant mother answered in tears and my heart skipped another beat “doctor, about an hour ago. Please help me I am coming from aja and there was traffic."

Trying my best, with her husband speaking in tongues we managed to get into the hospital elevator and the destination was the 4th floor.
Talking to the woman in labour, I appealed to her saying “madam please do not push till we get to the 4th floor." she noded in agreement but did otherwise due to the unbearable pain.

Furthermore, the elevator got stuck as NEPA struck "#lightupnigeria" and i had to take the delivery before the hospital generator came on. Without much effort, a cute baby boy bounced out to the warm shawl i could grab from the new mother's hospital bag.
However, a complication did occur as soon as the elevator opened wide, i couldnt deliver the placenta cos her bladder was full. (I know this sounds gibberish to you) so with assistance from the cool hot nurses we lifted her from the elevator to the front of the wards and delivered the placenta after 45mins. (Trust me, the details are not so interesting)

mother and baby were in good health and were extremely grateful. Husband was still speaking in tongues BTW (by the way).

My night was ruined cos i smelled of liquor, (amniotic fluid) and i felt irritable. I thought to myself "why do I always find myself in funny situations all the time?"

Finally, I went back up my stony stairs, took a warm bath and went straight to bed with a feeling of satisfaction" I had 2 lives in my hands and God's grace saw me through".
"Did I mention this was my first non assisted delivery ever?"

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I’ve heard that some people dont see me as a doctor, cos they are
probably wondering how i could go through med sch and still "party
Truth is I was in Med school for 8years altogether cos at some point I
lost my calender #dontjudgemeo#
I am Dr Ojia Adamolekun, just so you know.
My Parents call me the "Bluerose" and only call me Ojia when I’m in
alot of trouble (which is like 7/10 times) hehehe.
"I dont know why am writing this blog or why I even started it” but I’ve been to the best shows, funkiest parties, and even dated amusician. (All in this same 8 years o)
I’ve been to a video shoot, "oh yea you know that already right?" even
though some of the video did not see the light of the day but i saw
"light", "camera" and enjoyed loads of action.
I have rocked lovely dresses and graced loads of red carpets, but above
all these, something gives me joy, something makes this "party-loving
doctor" tick, something gives me inner peace.........
It is definately my love for humanity. I remember the day i had my
dissertation and the last professor asked me "why do you want to
become a medical doctor?" I was suprised this question was part of my
assessment and I said to him with a cute smile on my face "sir, i have
a strong and unbreakable passion for humanity" he smiled back at me
and said "well, medicine is a noble profession and i hope to see you
soon" i couldnt believe it. In my head at that moment i remembered a
friend of mine and the word "Noble" clicked, remember him? "Noble is
my dude?”
I have made great friends along the way and definately lost some.
Some friends have touched my life in interesting ways and oh, I’m not
all bravo woman cos i have also made mistakes. (Errrm not
that bad sha!)
Had some embarassing moments just like every other person and some were
just ridiculus like this night i had a friend over at mine "Did i
mention my friend's sex? Oh well, you decide" I was so Hungry and i
just had ijebu garri, 2 satchets of peak milk, sugar and cold water
(student life no easy o) I offered to make the garri cos i had plans
*evil smile* but they backfired. I made creamy cold garri toh behd and
gave it to my friend first so we could eat up together. He tasted it
and gave me a blank stare like someone who was suffering from a
cerebrovascular accident and then he insisted i taste it immediately.
Feeling good with myself i thought deep in my head "this garri must be
extremely sweet" to break the camel's back "pata pata", i tasted it
and spat it out all over his face.
Apparently, i put 3 spoonfulls of salt instead of sugar. I was soo
embarassed; i never picked his call again.
Now. am all tucked and ready to sleep but still thinking of those out
there who still dont have a roof and pray earnestly so it doesnt rain
To my ladies toh behd. "Pls always remember to clean up and take a
bath at least twice a day, and yesso, i know it’s not easy but if you
must, practice safe sex" and to my hot boys, "E no de show for face
oh, pls use a condom"
Always remember, Health is Wealth......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Alot of things happen on a daily bases,
the things we can control,
and the things we cannot.

My imagination grows wide as to what could have been and what really happened.

The yesteryears cannot be changed,

but we must work hard for d morrows.

Innocent blood spilled over and over,

when will this malicious act stop?

We are the future,

so we were told by the people before us,

but we act like the past.

When will these bleedings end?

When will we stand up firm for what is right, even if we stand alone?

What we do to one another has a ripple effect on our lives and the ones after us.

What we stand by today,

becomes yesterday by tomorrow.

Why are there robbers?

Why are there assassins?

Why are there drunk drivers?

Somewhere along these yesterdays,

someone forgot to be their brother's keeper,

Some parents forgot the value of home training,

The government got greedy,

We say we believe in God n yet we do not act the path.

We have sold our conscience to the frivolities of life.

We want to drive the posh cars while the poor remain poorer.

What future do we plan for ourselves if we do not take care of today?

We point our hands to the government,

but we forget that they were also once the youths of yesterday.

It all starts now.

I will stand up for what is right even if i stand alone,

Iwill fear God for in doing that i will become wise,

Iwill be my brother's keeper,

Iwill help the poor in the best ways i can,

and i will show love to the sick.

The future starts now.

What can you do?