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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Having a blast one of those nights at a popular night club called "reloaded" with friends and my bladder became unbearably full, i ran to the bathroom and there was this mad queue. I waited patiently as the lady before me rushed in, i was zoo scared of the state of the bathroom but somethings gotta give so i just did the sign of the cross and waited.

It took about 4 minutes and the lady was finally out of the bathroom "sigh" i rushed in and i almost passed out at the odor that followed her out of the bathroom. I could feel my bladder about to erupt but there and then i had horrible thoughts screaming and running through my thick skull " Ojia, infection oooooo"

However, i used the bathroom and i kept wondering through the night was what kind of infection this lady had and how she let it deteriorate to the point where it was so foul to the human nostrils. I was puzzled for days and the bad part is the fact that she was so damn pretty.

There was this other time i went for a christmas house party where about 5 girls had to get dressed in the same room and this particular girl stripped down to her panties and the room went dark with fear and agony as we were in otter shock. The room became unbearable to everyone and the bad part was the fact that she didn't seem to understand why.

My obvious point here is the care of the " priceless diamond" (the VAGINA or private region as it is also called) has been neglected by a lot of women. It is one of the most essential part of a woman and should be given ultimate attention as we all know it is a sensitive part of the body and a "Birth Canal" too.

The care of the "priceless diamond" is basic, when a woman "urinates", a simple dab should be done and this helps prevent the DAMP irritating smell of urine. If you must use a public toilet, please squat and remember to dab with tissue paper or even a feminine wipe. Washing or rinsing off with water too can be very helpful. It is always advisable to have tissue in your purse or bag as a lady, just incase your present location does not have any.

The Urethra (that little hole where the urine comes out from) is 4meters long in females and 11meters long in males so its easier for a woman to contact infections, men can easily get away with using public toilets where women cant.

Furthermore, its a thing of shame if you have a lover who finds out that your "temple" is not neat or holy, but smells like hell. It can be embarrassing if "HE" never gets to talk about it and just ignores you from that point onwards and you would say "HE" used you and dumped you, when you have neglected to do the fundamentals of being a healthy lady.

Infections are a different ball game entirely, the different odors depend on the type of infection and the mode of treatment depends on the type of infection too. A quarterly checkup with a Gynecologist is encouraged and that way, the female genitalia is properly catered for. When a woman is itching, there can be different causes and different levels of itching as it can be external and internal, do not self-medicate on antibiotics without proper prescriptions from a certified Doctor or Gynecologist because some of these micro-organisms and bacteria which the antibiotics eradicates are essential organisms used in fighting other bacteria and when the antibiotics clears it all up, it leaves the VAGINA more susceptible to infections

Talking about shaving, this is an issue that is equally important, the priceless diamond should be mowed regularly but not completely sometimes because the hair down there serves as a cilia to help prevent some infections. It is easy to access the properties of this "DIAMOND" when the lawn is mowed and it makes it easy for your "LOVER" sometimes to explore this region.

Finally, there can be a lot of complications from a simple infection that can affect the reproductive system of a woman, it may seem like a simple thing to handle but it always gets worse with time especially when it is being neglected. A healthy woman is 10 times sexier than an unhealthy woman.


  1. Totally loves this! Beautiful write up,very eductaional...

  2. Jumoke mary adeyemiNovember 27, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    Weldone Ogia... very interesting and educative... keep up the good work darling... God bless u and really proud of u...

  3. Ladies!!! Tamba! Tamba ooo! It'll save ur life. LOL! Nice job, doc!

  4. I am so proud of you. Love this article as it said so much about what women need to know and do to keep the "Priceless diamond" neat and sexy. Keep it up and also keep 'em article coming!

  5. this is very nice and interesting,my cousin am proud of u.

  6. wow i i rly learned from this. Now i know how to properly keep my precious diamond clean from infections! thanks doc!

  7. Very informative Doc. Some Females need to do more in this regard so that the few ones with this problem will not make Males consider all females dirty. Health is Wealth, good hygiene leads to healthy relationships.

  8. This is an important lesson that ladies need to learn and keep @ all times. It is also important for mothers to teach their lil girls early. Beautiful one Big Sis. Good job. God blees u!

  9. Hey gal,interesting write up!!! I lyk d word 'mowed'.fascinating

  10. very interesting indeed..i'll remind my other half about this, thanx Ojia