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Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Parents and families could reject a child. Fortunately, the society is not known to reject babies. In fact, when given a chance, a good society takes over the responsibility of taking good care of rejected and abandoned children. It therefore turns out that abandoned babies are part of the problems of the society. Thus it is the role of the society to reduce the occurrence of this malady, and seek for a good solution if it occurs.

The unit of any society is the family. It follows that the role of the family in the survival and rearing of children cannot be overemphasized. The care of the unwanted baby has much more to be resolved as they pose peculiar immediate and remote problems.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


If unwanted babies are sick, and they often do for deliberate lack of care, their ‘departure’' from the world is usually imminent. Some of those who defile the pang of early death usually run the risk of being deliberately injured (battered) in an attempt to make there death look accidental.
  A woman once brought her sick 2 weeks old baby to the hospital. The child allegedly fell down from the bed and sustained some injuries. On examination, the child was found to have disproportionate and unusual injuries, which are out of tune with injuries expected from such a fall.

  History latter revealed that the child was hardly attended to in the first week of life. He was abandoned for 3 days to the care of the husband who ensured his survival. Now there is this discovery of his unusual injury. This is just another case of ‘battered baby’s syndrome’. That is, the injuries were deliberately inflicted to create a suitable forum for a cause of the death of the child, being blamed on simple accident. Without a background history, the seemingly sympathetic outlook and pose of the mother would probably have been mistaken for a true concern for the health of the child.
  The unwanted child who escaped being aborted is prone to battering, mental and physical stress, and destruction.   

Monday, August 6, 2012


Howdy people,

This piece was sent to me by Col. Dr  Adamolekun O.S.B, a consultant Orthopedic surgeon in Sudan. I learnt a lot from this piece and thought to share. (oh, by the way he's my dad)


  The unwanted child is a child whose pregnancy, delivery or continued existence is not welcomed by one or both of the parents. Though the pregnancy may be planned, on many occasions it is by accident. This social category of children is in a class of its own, and so requires a more detailed attention. This is because unlike the accepted child, they lack parental love. The life history of the unwanted child is unfortunately usually turbulent, and on many occasions plagued with an unpleasant and sad outcome.
The rejection of an unwanted child is particularly grave if both parents and families are involved in the rejection. The effect is particularly profound on the baby because he is defenceless and cannot speak.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures of Tintin

Howdy people,

This last week in the hospital has been quite an experience, it feels like the longest week ever. Presently running the GOPD (out-patient) clinic for the Family Medicine Department and its been a handful, brings us back to the whole " we need more doctors employed na" .

So, sometime last week my surgery SMO (senior medical officer) called me "adventures of tin tin " and smiled in some kind of ..... i cant place the smile. I just thought to myself " has he been smoking something" smiled back and moved on. To be continued...........