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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures of Tintin

Howdy people,

This last week in the hospital has been quite an experience, it feels like the longest week ever. Presently running the GOPD (out-patient) clinic for the Family Medicine Department and its been a handful, brings us back to the whole " we need more doctors employed na" .

So, sometime last week my surgery SMO (senior medical officer) called me "adventures of tin tin " and smiled in some kind of ..... i cant place the smile. I just thought to myself " has he been smoking something" smiled back and moved on. To be continued...........

Shuttling between the wards and the clinic i realize why everyone dreads the department. Clinic filled with anxious, angry, unhappy patients and the multiple aura somethings can rub off on anyone. Its a department that sees all patients before referring them to other specialties only when the case needs special attention, it cant get any more domestic because you can get to see a patient who's telling you " i don't know whats wrong with me, its as if i'm not well doctor" . My point however is ..... so after waiting since 6am, some 7am or even 8am, and then doctor shows up after rounds at about 9:30am, folders ready at about 10am on the doctor's table, after having all the time in the world to figure out why you are in the hospital you come up with that introduction.

Furthermore, we encounter some ridiculous presenting complains like " i have had this stomach pain for over 10 years" straight face, trying not to laugh out loud in the best way i can, i wonder " if you have had this situation for 10 years and managed to stay alive, you should be in church giving the testimony.
Early this morning, a child of about 11weeks old was brought to the hospital by educated parents and of course the compound office sent for the doctor on call and i showed up, note however the time of arrival was 2:50am.

Doc: Good morning, how can i help you please,

Mother: its my daughter, she has been coughing since.

Doc: when did this cough start?

Father: Ah Doctor for 5 days and 5 nights now, she does not sleep, sometimes she cries after coughing, we took her to a chemist when it started but she is still not better.

Doc: if she has been coughing for this long, why are you just bringing her at this late hour?

Father: it was the chemist that gave us drugs and told us she will be fine.

Mother: she has not been eating well too.

Doc: ok, did you deliver your daughter in this hospital? 

Mother: yes ma, we even attended the neonatal clinic and registered her.

Doc: good, so do you remember the advices given by the doctor that day and did you understand them?
{at this point, looking through the history of previous appointments}

Mother: ehn, we were told not to use powder, not to give nospamin and gripe water and the doctor also said we should always bring the baby to the hospital if there is hotness of the body, catarrgh, cough or any other problems.

Doc: good, now going to the chemist is not the best for a baby who cannot even tell you what is wrong or where it hurts. and what drugs were you given from the chemist?

Father: some syrups and anti-biotics, we left them at home.

Doc: wow, so how do i know what this baby has had and in what doses?  

Now, please can you imagine how many babies are exposed to these dangers and possible neonatal death. If your child, or ward is ill, a doctor's prescription is safer than the chemist's prescriptions. Y? we understand, we read these horridly large books that taught us the "normal", "abnormal" and "different" and how to repair, treat and prevent re-occurence".

Do you have a funny hospital experience? maybe not funny too? send your experience to and your story might be the next post........

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