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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Most people hate the small talks about contraceptives, well i hate to burst your bubbles but, "we cant hide from these things".

Sex is a very interesting topic, but more interesting when there are no complications to it and the regular "oh had i known" thoughts wont have to be an issue with contraceptives...
Prevention is always better than cure......

There are the NATURAL contraceptive methods that do not rely on use of any device and medications whatsoever to prevent pregnancies. this method however is the oldest form of contraceptive known to man. "i'm sure you are wondering what it is" Its called ABSTINENCE, although thats really very difficult given this wonderful generation of ours. FERTILITY awareness, and even WITHDRAWAL methods.

ABSTINENCE, is the voluntary refraining from sexual activity as a means of preventing pregnancies. #Justsoyouknow, its the only contraceptive method that is 100% effective in the prevention of both pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) "how boring right?"

WITHDRAWAL method, this is when a man removes his penis from the woman's vagina before ejaculation "meaning before he cums... lol". However, this method can be less effective..

FERTILITY awareness method "AKA family planning" uses the natural functions of the body and menstrual cycle to calculate ovulation "pretty boring if you ask me, taking pills everyday."

Furthermore, there are the BARRIER methods of contraceptives which could be either CHEMICAL or PHYSICAL, designed to stop sperm from racing straight to the uterus "aren't they just too athletic? lol".

These BARRIERS include CONDOMS { male and female}"i'm guessing we all know them", SPERMICIDES, DIAPHRAGM, CERVICAL CAPS, CONTRACEPTIVE SPONGES, IUD's (intrauterine device).

The male condom, is "by popular demand" the most commonly used method, it is a tube of thin material(latex to be precise) worn over the ERECT penis prior to contact with the vagina. Well guess what????? Its only 86% effective.

The female condom on the other hand is a 7-inch long pouch of polyurethane (synthetic plastic ) with 2 flexible rings and is inserted into the vagina prior to sex. it actually covers the immediate area around the vagina, the cervix, vaginal canal and guess what????? Its only 79% effective.

The diaphragm is a soft rubber dome stretched over a flexible ring and it is filled with spermicidal cream or jelly " i think it means sperm killer if you ask me". It is inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix at least 3 hours prior to sex. Guess what???? its about 80% effective.

The cervical cap is a small cup made of latex, rubber or plastic, "errrm the choice is yours" It is also filled with spermicidal cream or jelly and inserted into the vaginal to be placed on the cervix "you can even let him do it for you, it should be fun hehehe, just see it as a form of foreplay"guess what??? its about 70% effective.

The intrauterine device (aka IUD coil) is a metal or plastic device inserted into the womb " this one should be done by a professional o joooh o!" guess what??? its about 96% effective. BUT, there are risks of getting caught up with infections.....

The spermicides are chemicals designed to bring about the DEATH of sperms and they come in form of foam, foaming tablets, jellies, and vaginal suppositories (theobroma oil) and guess what???? its about 74% effective.

In addition, there are the HORMONAL contraceptives and they are commonly used by women rather than men and can be introduced into the woman's body in different ways : orally, vaginally, transdermally "through injections or even implants". there are the oral contraceptives, non-surgical devices, intra-uterine devices, injections and surgical devices......

Oral contraceptive pills, there is "THE PILL" which has to be taken daily at exactly the same time, "POP" AKA the morning after pill. "in case you're wondering, they are not 100% effective too.."

The contraceptive patch however is applied to the skin and worn continuously. It is changed each week for 3 weeks and removed for 1 week. the same applies for the contraceptive vaginal ring aka nuva ring and the only difference is that it is inserted into the vagina as it's same signifies.

I hate injections but if you love needles, then Estradiol is just cool. Its an injection of progesterone taken monthly, while Depo provera ( also a progesterone injection) is taken every 3 months. "the choice still remains yours".

If you are bold enough, then surgical implants are extra cool, where 1 or more flexible rods containing progesterone are implanted under the skin, just like Norplant, Jadelle, and implanon. of course you should also put on your jogging snickers cos you might just add some uninvited fat.

Finally, there are the PERMANENT contraceptive methods "clears throat" aka "sterilization" which is a surgical procedure, usually permanent in which an individual is made incapable of reproduction. this method can actually be done to both sexes "man and woman oh".....
In the woman, the surgical closing of the fallopian tubes aka tubal ligation and in the man, surgical closing of the tubes that carry sperm (vas deferens) by a process called Vasectomy........

I walked down the Obstetrics and gynecology wards today and came across a small quotation "More people die from pregnancy than the effect of contraceptives" by David Paintin, British Chairman, birth control trust...



  1. Wat u said sounds interestin.Hw can i get d female condom cos i cant do witout sex n i dont want get pregnant

  2. That was a rich piece of information you posted. Thanks girl. Like you said prevention is better than cure. And as a man I like driving.

  3. @bumight, thanks doc.... @opcyempire u can get them around u ... depends on where u are.. @joseph, thnks buddy...

  4. Korrect::: confirm :::: said it all. D injection is stil d best tho It makes me a lil bit fat

  5. I actually just started the injection and am scared if its gonna have side effects.

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