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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here i was, packing up and getting ready to round up my stay in Ile-ife, i stopped for some strange reason and decided on reading a few more topics in my obstetrics and gynecology notes. My belly starts to sing to my brain in a very unharmonious tune "hunger, e no get enemy o" i ignored this rantings and thought to read some more....

A knock came on my door and i was hesitant. In my head i thought, "who the hell is that right now? mscheeeew" oh it was my brother and he said "sis, u already packing up for lagos?" "yes o, as soon as we done with this exams am howdy".

Another knock came on the door and now i was confused, "who's at the door"i called out and then he says "Dr Moyo" and then i'm seriously wondering why he is visiting and who told him i lived here. He walks in with all the pride he must have and sits on my bed uninvited and there, my day was already going funny on me. i tried to be as nice as i could (cos i was obviously not in the entertaining mood) and asked if he wanted a drink.

I opened a bottle of red wine and handed him a glass. My brother and i shared a second glass simultaneously. We discussed topics and then Lagos parties (hmmmmn i didn't know he had it in him because i had perceived him to be some sort of geek and i wonder why. Maybe because he wore very funny looking recommended glasses).

The hunger song began again and this time we were talking about gastro-enteritis. My brother asked if i had eaten all day and i said no, my colleague immediately suggested "BUKA"( a place on the main campus i had heard about but never eaten from). I was glad they offered to bring me food but i was skeptical about the location, he persuaded me to try it out that it was wonderful and i finally succumbed and yes, they set out.

I was sincerely glad i was alone in my room again and continued some more reading while listening to music alongside, waiting for my food too. some hours later, they showed up, with 2 extra colleagues of ours and my steamy-hot food of fried-rice, jollof rice and fish. I could not eat it right away so we all laughed at funny jokes and revised some topics together and it was fun.

Finally, they all left and i loved the quiet once again. I took a nice shower and decided it was time to eat. Opening the food didn't give me much of an appetite but i knew i had to eat so i took some spoons and had a bottle of coke. I kept what was left of my meal and glanced through some more pages.

It was time to sleep, so i put up some tweets and decided to watch a movie on my laptop when it started, my stomach put up a worse tune "ojia, you have killed me o, O ti pa mi o "and i thought to myself, "this don't feel right"

I raced off to the toilet immediately, trying so hard to take a shit, but it just won't come. i had some water and some more water and tried so hard to concentrate on my movie. Finally i ran to the bathroom and threw out every single thing i had eaten, simultaneously using the toilet. Spending approximately #30 minutes in the bathroom, the episodes were over, gosh i felt drained and weak.

Thanking God i took a clean shower again and took 2 tablets of Immodium. what a night..........

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