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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I’ve heard that some people dont see me as a doctor, cos they are
probably wondering how i could go through med sch and still "party
Truth is I was in Med school for 8years altogether cos at some point I
lost my calender #dontjudgemeo#
I am Dr Ojia Adamolekun, just so you know.
My Parents call me the "Bluerose" and only call me Ojia when I’m in
alot of trouble (which is like 7/10 times) hehehe.
"I dont know why am writing this blog or why I even started it” but I’ve been to the best shows, funkiest parties, and even dated amusician. (All in this same 8 years o)
I’ve been to a video shoot, "oh yea you know that already right?" even
though some of the video did not see the light of the day but i saw
"light", "camera" and enjoyed loads of action.
I have rocked lovely dresses and graced loads of red carpets, but above
all these, something gives me joy, something makes this "party-loving
doctor" tick, something gives me inner peace.........
It is definately my love for humanity. I remember the day i had my
dissertation and the last professor asked me "why do you want to
become a medical doctor?" I was suprised this question was part of my
assessment and I said to him with a cute smile on my face "sir, i have
a strong and unbreakable passion for humanity" he smiled back at me
and said "well, medicine is a noble profession and i hope to see you
soon" i couldnt believe it. In my head at that moment i remembered a
friend of mine and the word "Noble" clicked, remember him? "Noble is
my dude?”
I have made great friends along the way and definately lost some.
Some friends have touched my life in interesting ways and oh, I’m not
all bravo woman cos i have also made mistakes. (Errrm not
that bad sha!)
Had some embarassing moments just like every other person and some were
just ridiculus like this night i had a friend over at mine "Did i
mention my friend's sex? Oh well, you decide" I was so Hungry and i
just had ijebu garri, 2 satchets of peak milk, sugar and cold water
(student life no easy o) I offered to make the garri cos i had plans
*evil smile* but they backfired. I made creamy cold garri toh behd and
gave it to my friend first so we could eat up together. He tasted it
and gave me a blank stare like someone who was suffering from a
cerebrovascular accident and then he insisted i taste it immediately.
Feeling good with myself i thought deep in my head "this garri must be
extremely sweet" to break the camel's back "pata pata", i tasted it
and spat it out all over his face.
Apparently, i put 3 spoonfulls of salt instead of sugar. I was soo
embarassed; i never picked his call again.
Now. am all tucked and ready to sleep but still thinking of those out
there who still dont have a roof and pray earnestly so it doesnt rain
To my ladies toh behd. "Pls always remember to clean up and take a
bath at least twice a day, and yesso, i know it’s not easy but if you
must, practice safe sex" and to my hot boys, "E no de show for face
oh, pls use a condom"
Always remember, Health is Wealth......


  1. I can soooo relate!!! I always get d how can u b in med skul, u don't look it response. Even from my peers.....d oda day my senior reg sed I lukd 2 flashy. 2 fink I was barely wearin makeup. 2days after, d consultant comments on my bag. Makes me wonder w@ dey rily 1nt. Had 2 close my extra ear piercings except one. Lyk evry1 xpects dis gloomy look.....

  2. About bin a partying doctor, some of them actually wish they did a mix of all to have a balanced life. Doctors are being stereotyped and i think its an inspiration to others to see it as bin not all books but a healthy mix of gud fun and looking fly...