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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Soooo, my day was soo dull, my heart skipped 3 beats when it flashed back to the male, female and peadiatrics surgical wards.
Woke up pretty hungry, and angry "dunno why i was soo hungry" sunny day, grouchy, "girls are not smilling"
had a few random thots, some were definately good and some were naughty (make ur mind no drift o).

This lovely evening, I packed up 2 fresh thongs and a redhot shawl, "going to spend the evening @ a friends place" oh yea, hygeine first.
"Nothing as clean as fresh underwear, regardless of what Dr whatever advices on the radio."
I walked down the stairs SMA (shaking my ass) and just as I approached the hospital gate, I saw a woman sreaming in a yello taxi and I tried to find out why,( major tatafo) hmmmmmn, I wish I didnt.

I was in my 6th year, attached to millitary hospital Ikoyi for my senior postings for 6months. I was in the obstetrics and gyneacology department so I definately recognised the woman who was wailing in pains when she said "Doctor, pls my baby, ye o ah!” I tried to avoid eye contact but it was too late so I asker her "madam, when did your water break? And where are you coming from?" angry thots running through my head like "why didn’t I just walk off? Why did I need to care?"
The expectant mother answered in tears and my heart skipped another beat “doctor, about an hour ago. Please help me I am coming from aja and there was traffic."

Trying my best, with her husband speaking in tongues we managed to get into the hospital elevator and the destination was the 4th floor.
Talking to the woman in labour, I appealed to her saying “madam please do not push till we get to the 4th floor." she noded in agreement but did otherwise due to the unbearable pain.

Furthermore, the elevator got stuck as NEPA struck "#lightupnigeria" and i had to take the delivery before the hospital generator came on. Without much effort, a cute baby boy bounced out to the warm shawl i could grab from the new mother's hospital bag.
However, a complication did occur as soon as the elevator opened wide, i couldnt deliver the placenta cos her bladder was full. (I know this sounds gibberish to you) so with assistance from the cool hot nurses we lifted her from the elevator to the front of the wards and delivered the placenta after 45mins. (Trust me, the details are not so interesting)

mother and baby were in good health and were extremely grateful. Husband was still speaking in tongues BTW (by the way).

My night was ruined cos i smelled of liquor, (amniotic fluid) and i felt irritable. I thought to myself "why do I always find myself in funny situations all the time?"

Finally, I went back up my stony stairs, took a warm bath and went straight to bed with a feeling of satisfaction" I had 2 lives in my hands and God's grace saw me through".
"Did I mention this was my first non assisted delivery ever?"

Have a blessed day.


  1. WOW!!! I think all Doctors should go to Heaven. Nothing compares to having a human life in ur hands and actually knowing wot to do with it. If I'd found myself in this situation,I'd prolly have ran off crying louder than the expectant mother,shoes in hand. God bless you,Doc

  2. Amen 2 boogies' "all doctors shud go 2 heaven" lol.......I'm actually impressed, u handled d situation perfectly. Some docs if found in d same situation wud ve even panicked more dan d mum n not know w@ 2 do......u inspire me.

  3. wow! I cant wait to tell this story. did they name the baby after you? Lol!

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