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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Alot of things happen on a daily bases,
the things we can control,
and the things we cannot.

My imagination grows wide as to what could have been and what really happened.

The yesteryears cannot be changed,

but we must work hard for d morrows.

Innocent blood spilled over and over,

when will this malicious act stop?

We are the future,

so we were told by the people before us,

but we act like the past.

When will these bleedings end?

When will we stand up firm for what is right, even if we stand alone?

What we do to one another has a ripple effect on our lives and the ones after us.

What we stand by today,

becomes yesterday by tomorrow.

Why are there robbers?

Why are there assassins?

Why are there drunk drivers?

Somewhere along these yesterdays,

someone forgot to be their brother's keeper,

Some parents forgot the value of home training,

The government got greedy,

We say we believe in God n yet we do not act the path.

We have sold our conscience to the frivolities of life.

We want to drive the posh cars while the poor remain poorer.

What future do we plan for ourselves if we do not take care of today?

We point our hands to the government,

but we forget that they were also once the youths of yesterday.

It all starts now.

I will stand up for what is right even if i stand alone,

Iwill fear God for in doing that i will become wise,

Iwill be my brother's keeper,

Iwill help the poor in the best ways i can,

and i will show love to the sick.

The future starts now.

What can you do?