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Monday, May 17, 2010


The cervix is part of a woman's reproductive system. It's in the pelvis. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus (womb). The cervix connects the uterus to the vagina. During a menstrual period, blood flows from the uterus through the cervix into the vagina. The vagina leads to the outside of the body.

Cancer begins in cells, the building blocks that make up tissues. Tissues make up the organs of the body.Normal cells grow and divide to form new cells as the body needs them. When normal cells grow old or get damaged, they die, and new cells take their place.Sometimes, this process goes wrong. New cells form when the body does not need them, and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. The buildup of extra cells often forms a mass of tissue called a growth or tumor.

Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the chances of getting cancer, hopefully, this will lower the number of deaths caused by cancer.CA Cervix is caused by the HUMAN PAPILOMAVIRUS.

The prevention of cervical cancer can be broken down into Primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. CA Cervix is most prevalent in females between the ages of 18 - 65.

The primary prevention basically deals with the education of young females about early sex, protected sex, Vesico -Vaginal fistula (VVF), HIV and personal hygiene. These lectures and conferences should be given at different intervals so as to ensure proper understanding.

The secondary prevention is basically about the screenings that can be done to prevent this cancer. The Pap smear is the most common of these screenings and should be done. The Pap smear should be done once every year for 3 years and if the result is negative, it should be done once every 3 years.

However, in under-developed areas where the pap smear cannot be carried out, there are other tests that can be carried out.

The tertiary prevention happens only when a pap smear is possitive.Identification of the cancer at the earliest stages and treatments should begin immediately to prevent further spread of the cancer. 

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