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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lagos State Please Pay Our Doctors We Love Them !!!!!

Members of the Lagos state Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, yesterday appealed to the Lagos State Government to pay up withheld emolument of doctors under the state's employment.
Making the appeal at a press briefing in Lagos, Chairman of the Association, Dr. Tope Ojo expressed worry that the State Government withheld the emoluments of its doctors for the month of August and September 2014 as a result of the July 1 NMA nationwide strike.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"My HIV child is playing with your child" A MUST READ....

A mother's account of living with two HIV positive children has gone viral .While many would go for healthy children,the photojournalist Jen Mosher adopted HIV positive children .She got tired of the stigma associated with it and decided to pen down her feelings in an write up shared over 37,000 times..She told Buzzfeed
After doing some research and talking with other families, we absolutely knew that we could do it and that HIV was a manageable chronic disease. We took a leap of faith and asked our adoption agency if there were HIV children available for adoption in China, and were told, ‘Probably not. China has lots of HIV-positive children in orphanages but they are believed to be unadoptable so they do not make them available for adoption.’
In spite of this, the very next day, we got matched with our HIV-positive daughter, and then later, we also got matched with and adopted another amazing HIV-positive child.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nyanya Blast Survivor Says FG Has Abandoned Her To Die

''On May 1, I  was going to work. I alighted  from commercial motorcycle and decided to buy mango at Nyanya bus stop,after which I was waiting to catch a 
bus to town.Not quite 10 minutes after, I turned and saw a man standing behind me while I was on  queue.