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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letter to five Benin Doctors.


hope you ok...Dr (no names please), Although I'm soooo very disappointed in the medical system in nigeria..especially benin,I still think ur my friend and will be honest with you. I went from gyneacologist to gyno in edo state..some acted more knowledgable than the others. 
The Old doctors were the worst. Dismissing any suspicions I may have had. I bless God for giving me knowledge and heart of a curious woman-i would have ended like many women...still hoping. I'm glad I took my situation in my own hands.

 One question remains absolutely painful-HOW COULD SUSPICION OF ASHERMANS SYNDROME not come up from 5doctors I saw in benin for 3-4years???? I had to read my way to obtain answers! Edo state medical system celebrates deaths and Dilattion & cuttage and births. NO doctor wants to explore further,even when they do,they are afraid to take it up and put themselves to a test and be first amongst a lot to Stand Out. Well,I'm just grateful. If I had found out awhile ago,my adhersions wudnt have become so dence and my tubes would be open.
 Even the HSG I did couldn't be translated by any doctor in benin. With all due respect,putting aside sentiments..I dare the medical association in Edo state and many more in Nigeria to LEARN more and give room for other possibilities aside from the convenient daignosis often given to patients either to make things less challenging for yourselves or patients. There's more to Gynecology than D&C and antibiotics...Dig further. But,I'm thankful for your wonderful disposition and friendly nature...its was very reassuring.""

Hello, Happy Sunday people. A letter to 5 doctors in benin was sent by a reader.

It is sad, the state of things in the country especially in the Health sectors, you read stories like this and wonder what went wrong with the system?

Medicine is an art, healing is a process and all parties work hand in hand to establish better results with patients while God the greatest physician helps walk us through all. 

Patient was diagnosed with all sorts from 5 different doctors in Benin, Edo state and gave diagnosis like "you are young and single, wait till you are married there is nothing wrong with you". "there is nothing to worry about, all your results are normal" while most couldn't read the results of the tests the patient had done. 

Asherman's Syndrome, also known as intrauterine adhesions, is a condition where the cavity of the uterus develops scar tissue (adhesions). The symptoms , extent of the adhesions, effect on the uterine cavity and clinical importance vary greatly.

Commonly caused by procedures involving the uterus after pregnancy, e.g D&C. (especially when there is excessive scrapping or curettage of the uterus) Just like every other wound, a scar forms (scar tissue) Scar tissue can also be related instrumentation of the non-pregnant uterus and to an infection involving the uterus.

Symptoms include Infertility, primary or secondary, Recurrent miscarriage, menstrual irregularities such as very light periods or absence of periods. This can occur if the scar tissues replaces the normal endometrium, so there is less endometrium shed during menses. It can also occur if the scar tissue blocks the outflow of the menstrual blood.

Another symptom is the cyclic pelvic pain which can occur if scar tissue blocks the outflow of the menstrual blood, causing uterine cramping and pelvic discomfort or pain.

How to diagnose Asherman's? Some tests, such as HSG (hysterosalpinogram), injection of dye into the uterine cavity followed by an x-ray may suggest the presence of intrauterine adhesions, the gold standard is to directly look at the uterine cavity and scar tissue using hysteroscopy.

Finally, please as much as possible, try to ask questions and if you are not satisfied, ask some more questions.

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