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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy 54th Independence

Happy 54th Independence dear Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora.
It has been a series of events through the year but the idea is to keep hope alive.

The idea is to love your neighbor as you love yourself, be vigilant, most of all be kind to everyone you meet for we are all in the race together.

Have faith that things will get better and only radiate happiness and positive thoughts towards one another because that way we are covered and our families both far and near can feel the ripple effects of our kindness.

Less complaining and more action, more peace and no war.

Be contempt with what you have and that as a singular act prevents you from being in the domino effects of greed.

Smile as often as you can, even though your day has been horrid. It takes triple amount of muscles to frown than smile.

Be a peace with yourself and you will be at peace with the world.

Lots of Love fellow compatriots...

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