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Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheers to my Childhood

Cheers to my childhood when Friday was the best day of the week. When I didn’t have to wake up on Saturdays to any chores, cos all I had to do was read comics and story books.  When it was okay that my only future ambition was to become pink ranger (of the Power rangers comic).  To my childhood when I drank pronto beverage and ate 2minutes noodles, a childhood when I woke up to a pot of freshly cooked beans and plantain on Saturdays.  When I did my homework early to gain permission to watch ‘Sledge Hammer’ and ‘Tales by moonlight’.  When computer socks and basket shoes were in trend. When ‘names of noise makers’ were written with cube and square roots.

Cheers to my childhood when Christmas dresses came with bags and hats, when Sunday schools went with Oxford cabin biscuits and the 3 Orange men were still bald (heard they gone on Mohawk now). Cheers to my childhood where canes were used only once, because they always got missing before the second use. Cheers to my childhood when it was believed that if you got punished on a Monday morning, you are bound to have a punishment filled-week. To a childhood that taught me to bathe only my stomach- sponge it, rinse it, towel-dry it, powder it and I’m out from my evening bath.
Cheers to my childhood where night prayers were said in whispers and only God knew my heart desires (and I’m sure He looked forward to those prayers). To a Childhood where it was okay to cook sand rice and weed stew in empty milk tins. Ajebo by birth, Ajekpako by association. Cheers to my Childhood.

                                                                                       JUKPOR IFEOMA

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