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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello, long time no see!!

Hello beautiful people,

Yes it has been a long while since you read anything at all from this my end oh! The thing is, the last few weeks in this our country has been more of alarming than interesting enough to share.

From the 234 girls who went missing over night to the 60 abducted recently in the same Borno state, to the numerous lives lost on the daily or bi-weekly bombing episodes, to the 40 innocent boys slaughtered in their sleep over night, to the numerous random and deliberate kidnappings, the list is endless. How many can i share? the sad news can be depressing even if you were not born an empath you start to feel more than you ever thought you could.

Today is not the day for sad news, on my small end here i really want to make you smile in any form, so i thought to share the complete picture story of the Ajegunle Deworming project, hoping you will see another side of lagos, Nigeria.

My team and i were overwhelmed by the amount of children that came out of the neighborhood even if we just dewormed a total of 2Streets, we felt love and genuine contentment from these wonderful children, we saw life through their little eyes and oh my!!!!!! it was an experience.

Afterwards, i sat back most of that night thanking God for his never ending mercies. How different our worlds were yet the satisfaction and joy in their hearts made me more grateful.

I want to encourage you today to appreciate the gift of life, to keep your fire burning and pursue the very things that would bring you joy, peace of mind and sanity during these unexplainable times. Be of great spirit and think positive till you start doing only positive things..

Here is a link to the picture story and believe me, you don't need to be on Facebook to view these pictures, just click

Finally, id like to appeal to you my lovely readers to get involved, we need more medications and they actually cost 120 Naira per child, you can help deworm 10 children, 100 children, 1000 children,  10,000 children and more. You can also volunteer your time and services we would love to have you on board.

All Donations can be made to Quick Medical Consult, Current Account: 0012443102 Sterling Bank, OR Quick Medical Consult, Current Account: 0131083126 GTB God bless you plenty plenty...

 Meanwhile, it was my friend's wedding 2 saturdays ago, how do you like the Gele and my coupe style? I shall be sharing some interesting stories about my day to day life and some of you would have comments for days..... Wait for it, watch this space, the great, the bad and the obvious wonderful......

Beautiful day to you and yours..

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