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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system.

Our Mission is to raise awareness to the general public irrespective of class, provide patient support, reduce maternal & infant illness and death due to Preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy .

Our vision is to sensitize the entire population of women of child bearing age whether literate or illiterate on the severity of Preeclampsia and the signs & symptoms to look out for. 

We want to make our voices loud enough so we don't have to record as many unnecessary infant and maternal illnesses and deaths. 

Currently we are a team of

1. Concerned individuals and some medical practitioner who are passionate about the improvement of maternal and infant health and reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

2. Individuals who have have either had Preeclampsia or who have family and friends who have had severe Preeclampsia.

3. Individuals who have lost a wife, sister, friend, child, neighbor to Preeclampsia. 

Our First outreach will be in August.

* We plan to have various campaigns on the streets of Lagos and an intensive social media campaign which we have started.

* We plan to organize seminars.

* We plan to print pamphlets with English,pidgin,Yoruba and IBO translations with the signs and symptoms of Preeclampsia and audio mp3 players in different languages and make them available to the masses.

* We plan to give free high blood pressure and protein in urine checks for pregnant women and also advise on nutrition.

* We also encourage people who have a Preeclampsia story to share their stories and send an email to as we are putting together real life preeclampsia stories.

Also women who have had preterm/premature babies and otger pregnancy induced illnesses can send in their stories too.

Please indicate if you'll like to keep your stories confidential.

For more information and to support or be a part of the awareness group text Zaynab on 07069771347 or mail

@PreAwarenessNG on twitter

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