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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Have you ever had tooth ache? hmmmmmmn the thing is, if you have never experienced tooth ache before, it can never be explained to you. The same goes for those who have experienced labor pains before, it can never be explained to you. I wish i could describe this excruciating pain but........

This story started last year april when i was at the Obafemi Awolowo university Ile-ife for the Nigerian Medical council examination, i had just bought a chicken burger from Mr Biggs and headed back to my hotel room. It had been a long day and all i could think of was a warm bath and my chicken burger.

My plan worked, i had just taken  the first bite and it was just enough to ruin my night. The fillings in my lower right molar just gave up on its situation of having to put itself through junk food one more time. I yelped out from the pain and flung the damned burger out of my hands.

The right thing you would guess i did was manage the pain for the night and go straight to the dentist the next day, WRONG!!!! i just managed the pain and went back to reading like nothing serious happened. However, the pain kept getting worse and i kept suppressing it while i reminded myself why i had to finish my exams first before attending to the bruised molar.

Furthermore, the pain subsides but then i could only chew on one side of my mouth " how boring can things get?" this way, i could only eat so much and of course it meant i would be losing some weight too.

The days passed, months, and finally a year and some months then the sleepless nights began. Imagine the worst pain imaginable, last night was the final hell that let loose in my cavity.  i had just had a bite of fried beef and yes, it came on me.......

A friend of mine stopped by my house yesterday and complained about the sleepless night he had because of his tooth and i laughed a little and handed him a tablet of Cafegot, not knowing i was next. Agony, tears and then wailing, that was the plan and i can now tell you for a fact that there's a huge difference between crying and wailing. Unbearable, and irritating. The kind of pain that cafegot could not preach the gospel of peace to, i died. It was so ridiculous because i had to do things i had not done in a long while.

At about 3am, i thought i would die and i also played the role of a wounded toddler by putting my parents on a conference call to wail about my tooth, if i was going through acme aorta of hell it was only fair i shared it with them too lol. Sleepless in seattle was my case as i stayed awake waiting for sunrise.

First thing i did this morning was to race as fast as i could to the dentist thanks to Doc Bussy. Dentist's first remarks are "Angelina" taken aback in my teary eyes i asked "who's that?" he smiles and then the process i cannot put in words took place.

Blank, that was the feeling when the tooth was finally extracted from its roots. My entire mouth was dead numb at this point and all i could think of was "sleep".

The rest of the story is not so important. The morals of this experience are:
1. Matters of the mouth and teeth are not things you should procrastinate about.
2. We were told in Medical school that tooth ache can also be compared to labor pain. #Hailings to all  mothers out there.
3. The best remedy to tooth ache is your near-by dentist (though i still think dentists are mean).
4. Those advices we were given as kids to brush our teeth after the last meal should be err highly adhered to.
5. Finally, avoid the use of toothpicks, flossing is the real thing.



  1. hehehe i can feel ur pain having travelled this road before ....

  2. There might be other first-timers who felt the same way, too! Many have experienced it and not all can explain the agony behind it. Toothache is a very common dental problem, and dentists have the best solutions for them. There are specific procedures for every kind of toothache. People are actually lucky now, 'cause dental technology is already advancing.