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Friday, June 17, 2011



Good question, people from different countries or backgrounds hence the  different ways to explain what causes sickness.

A baby gets diarrhea. But why?
 People in small villages may say it is because the parents did something wrong, or perhaps because they made a god or spirit angry.

A Doctor may say it is because the child has an infection.

A public health officer may say it is because the villagers do not have a good water system or use latrines.

A social reformer may say the unhealthy conditions that lead to frequent childhood diarrhea are caused by an unfair distribution of land and wealth.

A teacher  may place the blame on lack of education.

People see the cause of sickness in terms of their own experience and point of view. Who then is right about the cause? possibly everyone is right, or partly right.

This is because...................

Sickness usually results from  a combination of causes. Each of the causes suggested above may be a part of the reason why a baby gets diarrhea.

To prevent and treat sickness successfully, it helps to have as full an understanding as possible about the common sicknesses in your area and the things that cause them. When considering how to prevent or treat different sicknesses, it helps to think of them in 2 groups: Infectious and non-infectious.

Infectious diseases are those that spread from one person to another. Healthy persons should be protected   from people with these sicknesses.

Non-infectious diseases do not spread from one person to another, they have other causes. It is important to know which sicknesses are infectious and which are not. They have many different causes but are never caused by germs, bacteria, or other living organisms that attack the body.

It is important you know that ANTI-BIOTICS or medicines that fight germs do not help cure non-infectious diseases. There are different types of non-infectious diseases;

1. Problems caused by something that wears out or goes wrong within the body; Rheumatism, heart attacks, epileptic fits, stroke, migraines, cataract and cancer.

2. Problems caused by something from outside that harms or troubles the body; Allergies, asthma, poisons, snakebite, cough from smoking, stomach ulcers and alcoholism.

3. Problems caused by a lack of something the body needs; Malnutrition, pellagra(whooping cough), anemia, goiter or cretinism, cirrhosis of the liver(part of the cause), night blindness and xeropthalmia.

4. Problems people are born with; cross or wall-eyes, and other deformities, birthmarks, e.t.c

5. Problems that begin in the mind (Mental illnesses); paranoia, nervous worry (anxiety), belief in hexes (witchcraft), uncontrolled fear (hysteria).

Finally, this babe is tired so maybe tomorrow or next ill post up another blog on infectious diseases. Its been raining all day and its time to have some hot coco.


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