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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hello people, yesterday I wrote about non-infectious diseases and sicknesses that are easily confused. Today ill continue with the infectious diseases and sicknesses.

Bacteria and other organisms that harm the body cause infectious diseases. They are spread in many ways.

Here are some of the most important kinds of organisms that cause infections and examples of sicknesses they cause.

Bacteria, like many of the organisms that cause infection are so small and cannot be seen without a microscope and the viruses are even way smaller than the bacteria.


1.     Tuberculosis and it enters the body and spreads through coughing and is air borne.
2.     Tetanus and it can be caught and spread through dirty wounds.
3.     Some diarrhea and can enter the body and spread through dirty fingers, water, flies, etc.
4.     Pneumonia (some kinds) can enter the body and spread through coughing and it is airborne.
5.     Gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis are caught and spread through sexual contact. (Un-protected sex).
6.     Earache can be caused when the person has caught a cold and has sore throat.
7.     Infected wounds can be caused when wound is exposed to a dirty environment or when foreign bodies are introduced into the site of the wound.
8.     Sores with pus spread or enter the body through direct contact (by torch).

The principal medicine to treat bacteria is through the use of anti-biotics and they differ according to the type of bacteria and infection.


1.     Cold, flu, measles, mumps, chickenpox, infantile paralysis, polio in children, and virus diarrhea. It can enter and spread through the body through someone who is sick, it is also airborne, and transmitted through coughing, flies, etc.
2.     Rabies, which could get into the body and spread through animal bites. A popular animal is the dog.
3.     Warts, which can spread through physical contact (torch)

The principal mode of treatments for viruses are aspirin, and other painkillers, this is because there are no medicines that fight viruses effectively. Antibiotics do not help, however, vaccinations help in the strong prevention of some of these viruses.


1.     Ringworm, which can be caught n spread by touching or from clothing.
2.     Athlete’s foot and Jock itch can also be caught from damp feet in shoes and mostly trainers it can also spread by physical contact of torch and clothing.

Sulfur and vinegar, ointments like undecylenic, benzoic, salicylic acid, and griseofulvin can be treatment for fungal infections.


In the gut, worms, amoebas, can be present and most times they are got by lack of personal and environmental hygiene they can cause dysentery. They can be treated by different specific medicines. If they are found in the blood, it can cause malaria through mosquito bites and an anti-malaria drug combination is more appropriate to treat them.


Lice, fleas, bedbugs, scabies can be contacted when persons are exposed to other persons with these infections or when exchange of cloths are done. This is the part where we discourage borrowing of outfits from friends. Spraying your local raid can treat them  (insecticides) in addition is Lidane.

Finally, cleanliness is next to Godliness and it’s extremely difficult to contact infectious diseases. Protection during sexual intercourse is important especially if you are not yet certified to have married sex. Lol. Having multiple partners also increases the chances of getting infectious diseases.

Blessed weekend

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