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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

16 And Pregnant… But Other Than That, I’m Cool

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and its spinoff Teen Mom were conceived as a way to warn young women about the pitfalls of unprotected self. Nothing wrong with that, it beats watching videos on Gonorrhoea during health class. But MTV has taken something pure and turned it into exploitation, and now teen pregnancy in America is seen as cute instead of tragic.
Get Pregnant, deal with the asshole boyfriend, have the baby, the boy comes back and it’s all good. Or your mother agrees to take care of the baby while you continue to slut around with your friends. That’s what the show boils down to– happy endings for all.
If you’re a 15 year old girl why the fuck would you want to have safe sex? Get pregnant you fool! MTV is telling you not only will everything work out after a few tough moments, but it’s
a chance you can be on TV as well. 16 and Pregnant is a happy ending show. No one is left at the end of the episode worst for wear. If anything they’ve learned a lot, had a baby they love, and the future looks promishing.
PUT ON THE BRAKES. Why doesn’t this show film people in urban environments? Where are the ghetto girls? The Chicks who live with their moms in a one bedroom apartment? MTV has chosen to show one particular type of pregnant girl. Those from small towns and rural suburbs in the Midwest. True those bored little redneck girls do a lot of fucking, make pregnancy packs, and they’re generally more humorous than sad. But at least show those girls who don’t have a two parent household, who come from broken homes.
This is my pitch. Little Tameka gets pregnant, deals with the asshole boyfriend or boyfriends because she’s not sure who the baby’s daddy is. She goes into labor, no one’s in the delivery room because her mother can’t afford to take off work. She delivers the baby by herself, goes home by herself, and the show ends with little Tameka contemplating suicide because her life is fucked!
If you want to WARN children about unprotected sex, show them the extreme example, not Amber the cheerleader whose wimpy mother’s going to raise the kid for her while she goes back to her normal suburban teen life of cock sucking and Bud Light.

16 and Pregnant what a fucking joke.

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