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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Drink Of The Day- Nigerian Chapman

Chapman is one of the popular Nigerian drinks; it is served in most major Nigerian restaurants and bar and also the most popular drink for cocktail parties in Nigeria.Nigerian Chapman is to Nigeria, as Sangria is to Spain&Portugal. Even though both cocktails are almost alike, Nigerian Chapman has a unique zesty taste which makes it stand out from

other drinks. Chapman is one of Nigeria's popular and most sought after drinks. It has become synonymous with the popular orders made at our local Chinese restaurants, Recreational Clubs and more recently, weddings (though our wedding planners are notorious for being extremely selective with Chapman distribution

.For those who were that chapman is alcohol-free, it isn’t totally. ANGOSTURA BITTERS, a key ingredient, does contain some alcohol – 44.7%. Sorry if you thought this was totally a non-alcoholic beverage. It’s not! But for those who don’t mind the alcohol content, I do hear that adding a splash of the liqueur – Campari – is really the secret behind this unique cocktail.

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