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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Midnight Series- The Fear of Late Periods (EXPLICIT R18)

When I was a teenager my biggest fear was getting a girl pregnant and I trace that back to one person. I was working at a fast food joint when I was 16 and everyone knows the only people that work in the back  flipping burgers are kids looking for extra cash and old heads whose lives have gone terribly wrong. My toothless supervisor took it upon himself to teach me about life along with how long to keep the fries in the deep fryer. Every week he always said something about “have that abortion money” I never even thought about abortion, but this guy kept saying, “Save your pennies for when she comes up pregnant”. So that’s what I did, I had a stash of money in my room for the day when I had to kick out that abortion money because I didn’t want to end up in debt from child support like the Deep Fry King. This entire pro-life vs. pro-choice argument was lost on me because I never considered abortion wrong, it was something that people in my hood did all the time when they didn’t want children. I never had to dip into my abortion stash, but I know a good twenty people who have gone through with it, some multiple times.
When there is smoke there is fire and when you have sex Justin Bieber style there will be children. Deciding whether to keep the baby or not to keep it is up to the parents, not society, the church, or the government. But which parent has the final decision on abortion?
I got an email from a guy who’s in a position where his girlfriend is pregnant and she doesn’t want it. He really wants to have a baby and feels he’s ready. I’m not sure how old he is but he mentioned his girl is in college and that’s the reason she wants no part of motherhood. He has pleaded with her that they can make it work, and now she’s on the fence. Homie wanted to know if I had any words that would help convince her to give him his shot at fatherhood. I can’t do that. I don’t know her life or what their relationship really is. He could be a jumpoff college dick, not the love of her life who she wants to raise a child with. At the end of the day it’s her body, and if she doesn’t want the kid she’s going to creep off and get the thing that rhymes with sma-smortion no matter what anyone tells her. Yeah he’s the dad and he should have a say, but he can’t stop it. Her decision may be selfish, but that’s just the way it is. My opinion doesn’t matter once you’re pregnant, but I do have some suggestions for men and women to think about before the pants come off…


Raw sex is the best thing in life. You can’t debate that. When I lost my virginity I went into the eye of the storm sans raincoat. I watched dozens of HIV public service announcements and was warned about teenage pregnancy, but I was so excited that she finally gave me the green light that I forgot to reach for that old ass condom that I had been carrying for a year. I smashed the same girl the next day, still no condom. I went to smash a different girl that same week and unlike my First she hit me with the “where’s the condom”. Condom? Where they do that at? I went to put my year old “show condom” on and my dick went softer than a Will I Am verse. In order to have sex I had to get use to the idea of using a rubber, and it’s a good thing I came to my senses because I didn’t grow up in the cleanest of cities. But when I got my first real girlfriend we did what most of you nasty mofo’s do, fuck for a month with condoms and then brainwash ourselves into thinking, “we don’t have anything, let’s go bare”. I even joked about it back in the day calling myself RVD aka Mr. Monday Night Raw. I was the Prince of the Pull Out with my girlfriend but I used condoms with the girls I fucked on the side, to me that was how life was supposed to be. Then my friends started having kids, some of them started getting burned, and I realized that I wasn’t being smart by pulling out, I was getting lucky. I don’t care how good at pulling out you are my nigga, you’re pushing your luck. Pre cum, phantom cum, projectile cum, leaking cum, it doesn’t matter what kind of seamen is creeping out of your dick, all it takes it one soldier to make it to the finish line and your pull out streak will come to a screeching halt. Stop being naïve! “I can’t get girls pregnant” or “I can’t get pregnant” is bullshit. There are men who were legitimately diagnosed as infertile and STILL got their wives pregnant by some “miracle”, so I don’t want to hear your unproven theory on fertility.A lot of women love when men cum inside of them. I thought I was just messing with weirdos most of my life but after talking to my boys, it seems to be pretty normal for some girls to yell to the guy who’s beating it up, “cum in me!” Now are you saying this to get yourself off, i.e. dirty talk, or are you being literal? Taking that white delight is good business if you’re a porn star, but is the dude that’s huffing and puffing on top of you the man you really want to be tied to for the rest of your life? Being horny is like being drunk, you do shit that you shouldn’t, and once you cum it’s like sobering up and regaining your sanity. I know 90’s babies are as nasty as they come, but don’t make a mistake because something turns you on. Ladies, I don’t care how many times he drops the L word on you, don’t believe the hype of, “I won’t cum in you”. I was talking to my boy when I was back home and he finally admitted that during the conception of his son he remembers thinking “fuck it” and let go inside the girl because it just felt too good to pull out… man does he regret that shit now. Raw Pussy is the closest a man will ever come to heaven on earth. I don’t care  what he tells you, if your pussy is yanking, he can get caught up in the moment and splash off in you. “Oops” isn’t going to help you change diapers. “My bad” isn’t going to be there to babysit. “I’m sorry” isn’t going to help raise that kid. A good man who’s up in your coochie doesn’t always remain a good man after he nuts in your coochie. You can’t make him take care of his child after the fact, but you can make him throw on a condom before you get to that point. Getting into heaven isn’t easy, so why should getting into raw pussy be as easy as “Baby, you know you’re the only one”? If he wants to feel dem wallz the way they were meant to be felt, he has to EARN IT.

To Nut Or Not To Nut…

I keep it all the way real, and I can honestly say that I’ve been with girls who have been so pretty that I’ve thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind her having my baby” based off looks alone. It’s the stupidest line of thinking in the world, but it does cross the mind when you’re running up in a bad bitch. Humans are shallow, we like pretty things, and even though you can’t tell how your kid will come out looking, we choose our mates based on it. Today we have a generation of kids reproducing for all the wrong reasons. My big homie from New York has six kids, all by Puerto Rican women because in his eyes that’s perfection. When I was in college he would come to scoop me, and during our bonding moments he would tell me, “Think about your kids when you fucking these girls, playboy”. To this day that nigga doesn’t see his kids but a few times a year! Think about your kids… yeah, but also think about if you’re going to want to be in the same room with their mother after you use her as a sperm dumpster. Trying to create a kid with light eyes isn’t a reason to bust off in a chick. You make children out of love, not because you want your seed to have hair like Troy Polamalu.When I hear dumb asses say, “bitches trick you into getting them pregnant so you won’t leave them” I think about logic. How can a woman trick you into getting her pregnant? Where do you find these girls with trap door vaginas? As an owner of a penis I can choose what girls I have sex with. I have a choice to not go raw with a chick I don’t want to have a child with. 

I have a choice of not to nut in a chick I don’t want a child with. If you get caught up with a girl who wants to use pregnancy as black mail, you didn’t make one mistake you made several and that’s on you. Condoms break and accidents happen, sure, but you had a choice from the jump not to fuck a crazy chick who wanted to harvest your sperm. I had a girlfriend who I was hitting raw who wrapped her legs around me because she wanted me to cum in her. I shoved her ass off and told her straight up that I didn’t want a child with her– ever. I hurt her feelings and we broke up not long after that, but it was worth it. I understand we as men have to play the game in order to get the pussy and keep getting the pussy, but the game is not bigger than your livelihood. Use a condom, pull out while wearing the condom, and flush that shit down the toilet to be sure your white knights have met the true death. No matter how careful you are there is a chance she could still get pregnant… there is also a chance you can get struck by lightning while reading this, but the shit is slim. Play the percentages and be double cautious when running up in any woman and you won’t get trapped. Ladies you’re different because you have less control over what he does while inside you. A nigga who wants to trap you can easily poke a hole in a condom or take it off and insert it back in. It’s kind of scary the lack of control women have if a guy wants to launch a few rockets in that ass. But with anything in life, trust is a big factor and you should have a certain level of trust with any guy you allow inside you. Anytime you give up the ass, you trust that guy with your life, literally. Treat it that way.

Can You Survive an Abortion?

“I know you wondering if this is gon make me think bout wifing you. Like if you have my first child, would I spend my whole life with you?” – J. Cole

I don’t know the strain it must put on two people who go through with an abortion, but I’ve seen it change people. Maybe a part of you dies the day of the procedure, and regardless if both the man and woman were in agreement with the decision there has to be doubt, anger, and animosity afterwards. For those who were one night stands or fuck buddies, the decision to stop talking to that person you almost had a child with is probably easier than staying friends. But for those who were in relationships it’s not as simple as “see ya around“. You can continue to try and get back to normal, but what if normal never comes back? What if every time you have sex you think about that baby? What if every time you two talk about the future, you think about the past that could have determined your future? It’s probably the biggest obstacle any couple will have thrown in their path, and no matter how you two felt about each other before that pregnancy test came back, your love will be tested. For the men I would say support a woman in her decision. Even if it goes against what you believe in, be sensitive to the fact that she had to carry a life inside of her that she knew she was going to get rid of. After it’s over, be a shoulder she can cry on because no one else will be able to understand what she’s going through except you. At the same time, you’re not handcuffed to her romantically because of the experience. If your feelings begin to change after the procedure and you’re not in love anymore, move on. You won’t be an asshole for choosing to close that chapter on your life. To the women, stay strong and believe in your decision even if it costs you your relationship. There will always be regret, but don’t allow it to transform into guilt, know that you didn’t do anything wrong. You’re making a decision that may not be popular with your friends, family, or even the guy who helped make the baby, but focus on the reason you made the decision in the first place. You weren’t ready. That’s all that matters. Yeah people can say, “I raised a kid alone, it didn’t hurt my education, blah blah blah.” Let them talk! Who are they to judge you? Have faith in yourself because you are who you live for.


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