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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pregnant Women Advised against Patronizing Traditionalists and Spiritual homes

In a bid to prune down the rising figure of infant and maternal mortality rate in Nigeria, a medical doctor at the General Hospital, Badagry in Lagos State, Dr. Afeez Muhammed, has warned pregnant women to desist from patronising traditional birth attendants, in order to put morbidity and fatality of children and mothers in check.
Speaking while addressing journalists in the ante-natal ward of the general hospital recently, Muhammed stated that Nigeria ranked as one of the top leading countries bedevilled with increased infant and maternal deaths. He also added that traditional birth attendants and religious leaders contribute to maternal and child mortality in the country by offering illegal counsels and health services.
The doctor also observed that most pregnant women and nursing mothers in Badagry and other sub-urban parts in Nigeria, erroneously attribute ailments they suffer during and after pregnancy to spiritual attacks. This, he said, hinders them from seeking medical attention from competent medical practitioners when it appeared they needed it most.
Also, he identified factors responsible for the practices of pregnant women who are seeking medical assistance in the homes of herbalists and clerics to be ignorance and poverty. "it really sad that most rural dwellers are mostly dis-oriented, so instead of coming to the hospital for proper medical checkups and diagnosis, they prefer seeking unorthodox means to treat themselves, under the illusion of being bounded spiritually/," he said.
The medical practitioner also maintained that the conventional practice of consulting herbalists and religious places, against seeking proper medical attention must be abolished. He added that traditional birth attendants would not help matters but it would escalate the medical situation of most mothers and unborn children. He added that saving the lives of mothers and the unborn is paramount on the agenda of the Lagos State government.
The medical officer maintained that health issues should be discussed with professionals and not a cleric or uncertified individuals.
Advising pregnant women on the occasion, Muhammed said: "Pregnant women need to check regularly in the hospitals so it isn't advisable for them to consult quacks."
He appealed to religious bodies to always refer their members who seek solace in the churches or mosques on health-related issues to visit appropriate designated health centres.
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