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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Must Read: Independence Gift ------ Ebuka Anichebe

Insulting Nigeria on Independence Day for not being like the USA is like insulting your father on his birthday for not being like Dangote.

After a decision is taken and the organization or country is moving forward, it's fun and easy to be the critic, the rogue and the opposition. Easy because the chances that you will have to actually take responsibility for your alternative view of the future are slim indeed--the country is already heading somewhere and we missed our chance to cast our votes for someone who participated in the actual Presidential debates and not take the easy option of staging an interview with a popular popstar. 

No, the time to speak up is before the decision is made, when not only do you have a chance to change where the organization or nation is going, but you have the responsibility to deliver on your vision.

We don't have time to revisit every decision our organization makes or annul elections or request that a President doesn't run for a second term even if our constitution clearly states that everyone is eligible to run for a second term whether he performed or not. We merely have the time to do the best we can to execute on what we've already committed to do.

Rooting for your team or President to fail is as bad as it sounds (not every Man U fan likes David Moyes but does that mean you will abandon the team?). Even if you said early and often that this candidate was a stupid one, that this President makes no sense at all --if you're still a citizen of Nigeria, if you're a member of the board, if you decided to not to leave the country on exile to South Africa or the UK then once the journey starts, your job is to get us there, safe and sound.

And then come to the next meeting or elections with a better plan about the next decision on who our President should be or what he should do better. So for now join hands and support him the best you can. 

No more insults please. Let's be civilised and mature. Thank you.

Ebuka Anichebe

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