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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Causes of Sudden Death

Though, there is yet no concrete statistics to prove it but it has been revealed that about 600,000 people die annually from unexplained causes in Nigeria.
A consultant Neurologist and electroencephalographer, Dr Seyi Roberts, made this assertion while delivering a lecture at the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Lagos state chapter commemoration of this year’s Physician week.
Dr. Roberts defined sudden death as unexpected death occurring within minutes or hours, usually 24 hours of onset of symptoms in a previous apparently healthy young or middle aged individuals.
He further explained that sudden deaths are prevalent in people suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus, adding that 75 per cent of sudden death occur from one or more of  these three health conditions.
While explaining the importance of routine medical check-up in defeating sudden deaths, he said that the three major causes of sudden death are health conditions that  may not be known because there may be little or no symptom to show.
Also, he noted that congenital diseases, respiratory diseases, acute severe asthma, allergies, sudden fear, stress, sexual intercourse, among others, are factors that may also cause sudden death.
He however discouraged comprehensive medical tests noting that from researches they do more harm than good.

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