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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ear Centre Conducts Free Screening For Special Students

To mark this year’s International Ear Care Day, National Ear Care Centre in Kaduna conducted free Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) screening for 50 students from different special schools in the state.
The Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at the Centre, Dr. Bemu Alfred said that the screening is conducted free of charge on the students so as to identify their hearing problems as well as carry out free syringing for those who have wax in their ears.
According to him, the commonest health problems that are brought to the hospital are

related to ear; adding that, apart from congenital and acquired causes of ear problems, hearing loss could also be induced by noise, hence the theme of the day ‘Make Listening Safe’.
He decried ignorance and lack of awareness of Nigerians to ear care, saying, “70 percent of patients who attend this clinic have ear problem but many of them don’t agree they have ear problem and when you advise them to come for surgery, they will not come back; simply because they feel the ear is a part of the body that cannot be opened,”
“We need more awareness and education on the need for Nigerians to give more attention to their ears. We also urge government to subsidise hospital bills, surgeries and hearing aids among others. 
He advised Nigerians to as much as possible avoid exposure to loud noise; saying exposure to loud noise over a period of time affects hearing. “In developed countries, there is a permissible level of noise that is allowed in their communities,” he said .
He advised that a law be promulgated by Nigerian government to control noise.
“There should be a permissible level of noise to be allowed in schools, churches, on the roads and business areas among others,” he said.


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