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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Midnight Series-How To Find A Boyfriend (EXPLICIT R18)

When I talk about the concept of Female Power, I may as well be talking about NFL blitz packages, that’s how confusing it comes off to many women. This idea that you can get what you want in terms of love if you set your value and never back down, sounds good, but when you don’t understand what that means on a practical level, how can you utilize it? One friend told me that she sent a link to a co-worker hoping she would get the hint and Spartan Up. This co-worker fell in love with the website even more than my friend. However, the moment this woman went out and used this newfound swag to get a boyfriend, she forgot everything. This woman went from Spartan to Submissive in less than a month because she never really got it. I am a Warrior Queen that sets the rules of my relationship *POOF* a nigga takes you on one date, tells you you’re special, and you revert into I just want to make Bae happy. What happened to standards? What happened to power? The relationship crumbles just as quickly as it began because that nigga was never Bae, you were just basic.

No matter how tough you talk between relationships the REAL you is that person that shows up in an actual relationship. Men don’t like to be pressured to give out titles, so you don’t

pressure. Men don’t like to be told to pay on dates, so you compromise. Men don’t like to be asked questions about their jobs, so you don’t bring it up. He hasn’t called in days, but when he does call asking to come through, you don’t even hold him accountable! Look at you walking on egg shells again, when you swore you were going to do better. In the end, you’re not a Warrior, you’re a little girl that got tough for a few months when things were hopeless, and you needed an esteem injection. Now that you’re back to consistent dick, conversation, and cuddle sessions the last thing you want to do is rock the boat, even if that boat is floating on a river of lies. You are a weekend Spartan that only wants to stand up for herself after an argument or learn how to use her Power when things reach a boiling point. That’s not being powerful, that’s being a perpetrator!

There are women that go through a temporary confidence boost and applaud the Spartan concepts, but they don’t really embrace it beyond a surface level. In the end, she lets a man mindfuck her and it’s back to BGAE to see what she did wrong. You read, but you didn’t internalize, that’s what went wrong! You think like a Spartan inside the house, but as soon as you step outside to put it to the test you let this world beat you back into bad habits. One of the main reasons why many women will never be able to Spartan Up is Fantasy Thinking. There is a little voice in their heads that sounds like a British Fairy God-Mother, and it’s telling them that everything will be fine. You just need to meet the right man, and he will appreciate your character and shower you with the level of affection that will have made all the turmoil worth it. Womp Womp! This Disney Princess mentality tells you that the good girl gets the good guy 100% of the time, and it has morphed the reality of real dating and created a generation of airheads who are easy to talk out of pussy. *bzzzzzzz* Every time an iPhone vibrates, a dumb bitch gets hustled out of pussy.

Remember The Little Mermaid, the beautiful misunderstood fish girl that saved the prince from drowning and made him fall in love. It showed the power of sacrifice, and how you should go for what you want—Wrong! The Little Mermaid is about Ariel the half-fish half-thot who sold her voice for dick. You too can find the man of your dreams, if you are willing to sacrifice everything to be with him, it’s not like your “voice” is important. This ho lived under water and was still thirsty, you live in a city with countless single men, yet you still hold on to the same ain’t shit dude, different ocean, same fish. Aladdin gave us Princess Jasmine who was strong, free spirited, and courageous. Then she let this bum ass nigga win her over by perpetrating a fraud that he’s a baller who just pretends to be bumming it on the block. This idiot Jasmine is a metaphor for every woman that has accepted a man’s lies, forgave him, and is happy to forget because men have the right to manipulate women if they have a good heart. In the end, Aladdin can let that Genie go because he just hooked a bitch with Arab money. The moral of the story? Take care of a lying ass dude and give him all your family’s money because he loves you. be continued on Friday 20/03/2015


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  1. A guy writing from a girls perspective. A load of rubbish. This is the one post I don't agree with