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Thursday, March 26, 2015

His Kidney Ailment Was Misdiagnosed, Now He Needs Transplant

Adesanya Olawale

A 37-year-old man, Adesanya Olawale, is in critical condition and needs an urgent kidney transplant in India, otherwise he will die. Adesanya, who had visited four different hospitals in Lagos and Ogun states, had been told at different times that he was suffering from malaria, typhoid and appendicitis. He was about to undergo surgical procedure for appendicitis in a hospital in Abeokuta when a nurse took his blood samples for another test. That was when it was discovered that he was suffering from kidney problem and needed a transplant. Adesanya, who had so far undergone 10 dialyses, told The PUNCH that his parents could no longer afford the bills and he had been advised to go for a kidney transplant in India.

Our correspondent was told that he had to be removed from the hospital and taken to Ogere area of Ogun State, where his widowed mother lives. During a visit of our correspondent to the area, Adesanya said his problem started on the eve of the New Year. “It was on December 31, around 6am that I woke up with pain on my back. I thought it was malaria and
called my friend to get me drugs to treat it. But I didn’t see any improvement. “I was taken to a private hospital at Morogbo. The doctor ran a test on me and said it was typhoid. He gave me some drugs. But when I passed urine, I discovered that it was like Coca-Cola. The doctor said there was no problem and that he would give me more drugs. He gave me injections and drugs.”

Adesanya said his pain increased and he had to call his family members to take him out of the hospital because his condition was not improving. He said the hospital discharged him and he was taken to Ogun State where his mother resided, having lost his father some years back. He said, “I was taken to Iperu hospital and one doctor Akinsanya started treating me and ran a battery of tests on me. He said it was appendicitis and that there was need for an operation to be carried out on me. “I was prepared for the operation, but as they were about to begin, a nurse asked how I was feeling and I explained that I had not been able to go to toilet for about two weeks. That was how they suspended the operation.”

He said samples of his blood were taken to a laboratory in Babcock University. The result of the test showed that his kidney had been affected. He was later taken to Abeokuta where a doctor commenced another round of treatment, which did not work. He was finally taken to the Kidney Clinics Nigeria Limited, where he reportedly underwent 10 dialysis processes. A relation, Mrs. Kemi David, said the family decided to quit the dialysis treatment because it was aggravating their brother’s health condition, adding that the family was advised to let him go for kidney transplant. She said, “For a dialysis process, we paid between N35,000 and N45,000, apart from the N6,000 we also paid for every injection he was taking. After the first three dialyses he had, we got another medical test result, saying his kidney had packed up and he needed a transplant. “We thought we could still go on, until it became obvious to us that we might be risking his life if we continued with dialysis.”

She said the family could not go to the state’s general hospital because the doctors were on strike while the victim was sick. His mother, Risikatu, appealed to Nigerians to help raise funds to save her son’s life. Adesanya needs N8m for organ transplantation surgery to be  done on him in India. She said, “He is my first child, out of six; their father is late. We have spent all the money we have and have even borrowed from friends and relations. We have not been able to raise a penny out of the N8m that we have been asked to bring. I no longer go to work because I have to look after him at home. The good people of Nigeria should please come to my aid.”
The bank details are: Union Bank, Mrs. Kemi David, Account Number: 0027132615.


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