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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Professor Proffers Recipe Against Cancer

A professor in the Ahmadu Bello University’s (ABU’s) Faculty of Sciences, Sunday Atawodi, has said that consumption of African Olive reduces the risk of cancer infection on individuals.Professor Atawodi made this known at a lecture he delivered titled: ‘The Ever Increasing Challenge of Cancer: Eating, Drinking and Spicing Cancer Away From Our Lives’, which was part of the university’s inaugural lecture series.
The professor of Biochemistry said: “The health benefit you will have from eating African Olive, which is called Atile in Hausa is as good as if you are using Olive Oil. 
Many people all over the world have rated Olive Oil as one of the best thing that can happen to diet because people in the Mediterranean area don’t suffer many diseases including cancer. This is because of the Olive Oil they are consuming, which is responsible for their good health and their longevity,” he said.

He said African Olive or Atile is the right substitute for Olive Oil for those who don’t have the money to buy the oil, explaining that taking tomatoes on regular bases also reduces the risk of prostate cancer in addition to drugs that may be prescribed by a doctor.
“If you are diagnosed of prostate cancer at the early stage, taking boiled tomatoes (not fried) on regular bases will reduce its risk even if it’s there in your family. However, if you get involved in taking tobacco it is almost impossible that you can avoid cancer.
People should also avoid mouldy groundnut products due to high concentration of hyper-toxin. Most of mouldy foods are not good for health,” Professor Atawodi said.


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