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Friday, March 13, 2015

What To Do Now That You Are Heavy

What to do now that you are heavy 

Behind every pregnancy  is a memorable story. That is why a mother who has many children, for instance, can relive with bliss, the story of each pregnancy. Ask your mother for instance, she can happily tell you off-hand when she conceived you, how she felt when she got pregnant, her days of nausea, how she coped carrying you about in her tummy and how you were kicking. Haven’t you heard such a story from your mum? Mothers do tell such stories especially when you show interest. At times, mums can go as far as telling you the meaning of your name and how the circumstances of your conception, pregnancy and birth reflect round your name.
You too can make your period/days of pregnancy a memorable one. So that you would have  joyful stories to tell or sweet memories you can relive. If you want to achieve this, it is now that you are still pregnant that you can achieve it. Below are tips to ponder over.

 Do what makes you happy: 

There must be some things that thrill you even while you are pregnant. If you have
discovered those things, please keep doing them.  If you are the type that takes delight in taking some shots (pictures), keep doing that. After dressing up and you look good, use your camera or your camera phone to take some good shots. After some years when you have delivered your baby, it would thrill you to see how good you looked in your pregnancy. Make this a habit while pregnant. Pictures most often tell stories better than words.

If looking good gives you pleasure, ride on with it

There are some mundane things some people wave off or treat with a kid’s clove. But those are the things that do give pregnant mums joy. For instance, some women take delight in packaging themselves in style: And even while they are pregnant, they find it difficult to desist from that good habit.  So, if packaging yourself to look better in pregnancy alone can give you some sweet memories that would linger on in your mind even after delivering your baby, please go ahead and package and repackage your pregnant self. Nothing stops you from doing so. If you are the type that loves being neat, always looking tidy and can’t be caught looking shabbily dressed or be seen sleeping in an unkempt room, still keep it up. Pregnancy shouldn’t make you stop.  After all, you are used to such a lifestyle.

 Keep your poise intact

Remember, you can still keep your poise intact even in your nine months journey in such a manner that you would become the cynosure of all eyes. Some other pregnant mums would be emulating you. Let personal hygiene/decency be your watchword as you slip into your trendy maternity dresses. These are the things that would build up evergreen memories in your mindset.

 Fill your mind with positive thoughts:

If you always love to watch TV in your spare time, do so but watch things that would build positive memories in your mind. For instance, if you love to watch documentaries on pregnancy/ childbirth, watch those ones that would give you hope and keep you smiling. Or make you eager to have your baby safely. And not those witchcraft-oriented stories in form of movies that would linger long in your brain and give you nightmare when you sleep.

Avoid listening to harmful gossip:

Avoid listening to gossip that would build up fears in you. Such stories as how a woman’s baby died in her womb, how another pregnant mum couldn’t push her baby when she was told to and she ended up having a stillbirth. What is your business with such stories? If you are looking for positive stories, get good books, magazines or journals on pregnancy/ delivery and read. A friend of mine read so much when she was pregnant that her doctor asked if she was a nurse. Read your Bible or Quran and memorise those verses where  the Almighty promised pregnant mums safe delivery and hold on to those verses. Or better still, go visit some of your friends who had their babies safely and have some good chats and good laugh with them.


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