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Monday, March 9, 2015

Can Makeup And Cleaning Products Really Mess With Your Hormones?

Consider this: We are exposed to more chemicals in 30 days than our grandparents were in their entire lifetimes!
Women at every age are especially challenged by this, as the vast majority of these chemicals act like estrogen in the body. That’s where it gets problematic for hormones and hormonal balance. All of these xenoestrogenic (estrogen-mimicking) chemicals disrupt the very delicate balance that keeps ovulation, cycle, fertility, sex drive, skin, mood, and energy optimized. Many of these chemicals come through pesticides on our foods, fertilizers on our lawns, chemicals from the dry cleaners, and — depending on how
heavy of a user you are — toxins in our beauty and cleaning products.  
We know that this is getting worse for women because younger and younger girls are developing what is called “precocious puberty,” more couples are having infertility with no known cause, and increasing numbers of women are getting more cancers of the breast and reproductive organs.
I know — it’s not easy out there for ovaries these days!
The bad news is that we can’t control everything in our environment. The good news is that  we absolutely can massively decrease our chemical exposure by the power of the swap.  Swap out processed food for fresh organic foods, and choose only natural products to clean your home and put on your skin.
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