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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

‘Obstetric Care Can Reduce 60% Maternal Deaths’- Dr. Joel A. Adze

A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Faculty of Medicine, Kaduna State University, Dr. Joel A. Adze has disclosed that 60% of maternal deaths can be averted with Emergency Obstetric Care (EMOC).
Speaking at a one day Civil Society-Media Forum on Maternal Health Accountability under the NOTAGAIN campaign project supported by the MacArthur and Development Communications (DevComs), in Kaduna; Dr. Adze said that most maternal deaths are caused by obstetric emergencies, poor access to EMOC facilities by pregnant women and dearth of skilled attendants at health facilities.

Emergency obstetric care he said is an intervention that is used to manage emergencies including pre and post partum haemorrhages, obstructed labour, sepsis, eclampsia, fetal distress and complications of abortion.

He pointed out that haemorrhage is the most common cause of maternal death globally; stressing that emergency obstetric care should be provided to every pregnant woman.

“With EMOC in place, 60% of maternal deaths can be averted, 40% of intrapartum related deaths can be prevented while 45-75% of still births can be prevented. Interventions to reduce maternal mortality include: focused antenatal care, provision of emergency obstetric care, skilled attendants at ANC and delivery while most important contributing factor to preventable deaths is ‘standard’ quality of care,” he said.

In a communique issued at the end of the forum, the state government was called upon to ensure effective supervision of health care providers, especially at public health facilities; advising government to ensure availability of drugs and consumables in health facilities.  Professional medical regulatory bodies were also urged to ensure professional continuous education to their members while professional medical regulatory bodies were also urged to ensure strict adherence to ethical practice by their members.


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